12-19 December 2005

23 December 2005


12-19 December 2005

  HK People's Alliance Logo

At the occasion of the WTO's 6th Ministerial Meeting, TNI (co-)organises a Forum on Trade and War Militarism and Neo-liberalism: A Two-headed Monster?, Seminar on WTO and bilateral FTAs: Complementary Agents of Neoliberalism, Roundtable Resisting Economic Partnership Agreements in Africa and the Caribbean, Forum Iraq: Ground Zero of Globalisation and War?. TNI also participates in the International Day of Protest on GATS and Privatisation on 14 December and the Concert to Celebrate International Migrants' Day and People's Solidarity Against the WTO on 18 December. Hong Kong.


27-29 July 2005


TNI participates in the People's Council Meeting. During the WTO General Council Meeting civil society campaigners meet in Geneva to discuss and express their concerns about WTO negotiations. The meeting serves also to strategise for the WTO's Ministerial Meeting. Geneva, Switzerland.


27 June 2004

  Dot Keet speaking at Globaliseringsfestival

Dot Keet addresses the Globalisation Festival [short report in Dutch] held at the University of Amsterdam. Acknowledging the importance of trade for Africa, Keet stresses the need for increased market access for Africa and an end to Northern protectionism, particularly considering the bias towards a few commodities and markets characteristic of Africa. She warnes, however, of the dysfunctional impact for responsible development of the pre-eminent role given to trade in the current dominant international regime. Keet sees greater potential lying with the emergence of new alliances of developing countries (G20, G33, G90) at the WTO Ministrial in Cancún in 2003.


5 April 2004

  Walden Bello speaks at the ISS

Public lecture After Cancún. Southern Prospects for Trade and Development by Walden Bello. Felix Meritis, Amsterdam; Institute for Social Studies, The Hague


13 November 2003


Seminar Cancún Express Derailed. Movements Challenge the EU Agenda in the WTO and Free Trade Agreements organised by TNI, Seattle to Brussels Network, ATTAC, CEO, Campaign for the Reform of the World Bank, World Development Movement, Focus on the Global South and RMALC. Speakers include Susan George, Clare Joy, Erik Wesselius, Antonio Ticarico, Marc Maes, Claudia Torrelli, Manuel Perez Rocha, Walden Bello and Nancy Kachingwe. ESF, Paris, France.


11-14 September 2003


People's Forum on Alternatives to WTO Cancún, Mexico.


25 May 2002


Public Meeting "Stop the GATS Attack!" with Susan George and Myriam vander Stichele. TNI Amsterdam.


May 2002


Publication of the booklet Behind GATS 2000. Corporate Power at Work by Erik Wesselius.


3 February 2002


Workshop Social Movements, Emerging Resistances and Counter-strategies in the Regions of the South and North World Social Forum, Porto Alegre, Brasil.


October 2000


TNI CD-Rom: Ellen Gould, researcher employed by TNI to study the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS), produces a comprehensive CD-Rom for activist-researchers on WTO-matters.


November 1999


Discussion Mobilisation Against Globalisation. Focus on the WTO featuring Susan George, Sarah Anderson, Walden Bello, Ilka Schroeder. De Balie, Amsterdam.


September 1999


TNI Forum "The Impact of the World Trade Organisation Negotiations on Small Farmers World-Wide" with Peter Rosset, director of Food First. TNI Amsterdam, 15 participants.


April 1998


Publication of the booklet Towards a World Transnationals' Organisation? by Myriam Vander Stichele.


September 1997


Publication of the booklet Globalisation, Marginalisation and the WTO by Myriam Vander Stichele.


December 1996


TNI fellows Myriam Vander Stichele and Walden Bello participate in the NGO forum at the first WTO Ministerial Conference in Singapore.


November 1996


Publication of the booklet The Ministerial Conference in Singapore and the Developing Countries. An Introduction by Myriam Vander Stichele. Outlines the structure and official agenda of the WTO meeting in Singapore in December.