At the Edge (11-13 November 1999)

17 November 2005

  At the Edge


Towards 21st Century Internationalism

TNI 25th Anniversary (1974-1999)


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Opening Welcome
Fiona Dove

Globalisation and its Contradictions

Keynote Speaker: Fred Halliday
Chairperson: Susan George

NATO after Kosovo: Out-of-Area Operations: Enlargement and European Security

Opening Address: Cora Weiss
Interviews:Karel Koster
Speakers: Veton Surroi, Luke Hill, Alexander Nikitin and Otfried Nassauer
Chairperson: Phyllis Bennis

US Hegemony and EU Alignment: Strategic Options for Regions in the South

Speaker: Samir Amin
Discussant Panel: Dot Keet, John Saxe Fernandez, Candido Gryzbowski, Gareth Api Richards
Chairperson: Brid Brennan

An Afternoon with Ariel Dorfman

Readings by Chilean writer, Ariel Dorfman, live and on video:
"My House is on Fire": A filmed suspense story of migrant children caught in a globalisng world
"Dead Line": Bono, Emma Thompson and others animate this Channel 4 film based on Dorfman poetry.

A special session entitled Ten Years On: The Crisis in the CIS - A Worker's Point of View

Speaker (with translation into English): Alexander Bukhvostov, President of the Belarussian Automobile Union and the Belarussian Workers' Party.

NATO After Kosovo: Nuclear Policy

Participants include: Carl Niehaus,  Peter Weiss, Praful Bidwai, Dan Plesch
Chairperson:Klarissa Nienhuys

Europe Incorporated: Exposing the Political Power of Big Business

Speakers: Erik Wesselius, Jessica Woodroffe, Sarah Anderson, with additional comments by Celia Mather
Chairperson: Olivier Hoedeman

Talking Art and Contemporary Politics

Animated by: Ariel Dorfman, Ari Sitas, Saul Landau, Hein Marais and James Early

The United Nations at the Edge of the 21st Century: Iraq, Kosovo, East Timor and Beyond

Speakers:Jose Ramos Horta, Phyllis Bennis, Mario Pianta
Chairperson: Cora Weiss


Pinochet Case: Implications for International Human Rights Law

Speaker: Geoffrey Bindman
Discussant Panel: Juan Garcés, John Dugard, Hugh O'Shaughnessy
Chairperson: Peter Weiss

Humanitarian Intervention and Contemporary Wars

Panel: Francisco Rey, David Sogge, Dan Smith
Chairperson: Mariano Aguirre

Global Transformations

Panel: Andre Gunder Frank, Samir Amin, Jan Nederveen Pieterse, Peter Waterman
Chairperson: Barry Gills

Global Environmentalism: Seeking Common Ground

Panel: Agus Sari, Daphne Wysham, Ranil Senayanake
Chairperson: Hermann von Hatzfeldt
Plus: short presentation of Forests for the Future (Both Ends/Zed Press, 1999) with Paul Wolvekamp (ed)

What Future the Nation State?

Panel: Boris Kagarlitsky, Marcos Arruda, Jochen Hippler, Tom Nairn
Chairperson: Dan Smith

The Next Intervention? Colombian Conflict and International Responses

Speakers: Alfredo Molano, Coletta Youngers, Gregorio Wolff, Martin Jelsma, Theo Roncken
Chairperson: Jenny Pearce

ATTAC-Netherlands Workshops (Dutch)

An inaugural workshop to discuss a proposed five point action plan:
a) implementation of a Tobin Tax on international currency transactions;
b) a democratic say over national capital flows;
c) the removal of tax breaks for companies;
d) effective taxation on capital returns;
e) corporate accountability.

Launch of ATTAC Netherlands (Dutch & English)

Public Launch of the Dutch (and 20th national chapter) of the Association pour une Taxation des Transactions financiers pur l'Aide aux Citoyens (ATTAC). For more information, contact or search
Speaker: Susan George

Dutch Complicity in US Intervention in Colombia

Round table discussion led by Gregorio Wolff, Martin Jelsma, and Theo Roncken

Mobilisation Against Corporate Globalisation: Focus on World Trade Organisation

Speakers: Walden Bello, Susan George, Ilka Schroeder and Sarah Anderson
Chairperson: Marcos Arruda

Cultural Globalization: Homogenization or Hybridization?

Debate: James Early versus Hein Marais
Moderator: Jan Nederveen Pieterse

América Latina: los retos de la democracía y la izquierda (Democracy and the Left in Latin America)

Broadcast via the Spanish World Service of Radio Nederland
Led by: Carlos Vilas, Jenny Pearce and others
Chairperson:Kees Biekart


USA Politics Today: A View from Inside

An interview with Marcus Raskin, who will address such questions as US omnipotence and the psychology of impotence; the politics of entertainment or poli-tainment; is the US being isolationist or nationalist; and is there any change of a liberal or left alternative in the US.

Social Movements in Search of a New Politics?

Panel: Carlos Vilas, Melay Abao, Raymond Suttner, Francis Lee
Chairperson: Achin Vanaik

Temporary Autonomous Zone

An ongoing catwalk of activist projects from Amsterdam to Zimbabwe. This multi-media environment will highlight inspiring initiatives and facilitate unexpected encounters with only one limit: a maximum of 15 minutes exclusive exposure!

On Preserving Capitalism in the 21st Century:The Lugano Report

Howard Wachtel interviews Susan George on the publication of her latest book.

The Third Way & the Need for a New Politics

Panel: Anthony Barnett, Joost Lagendijk, Jochen Hippler, Marcus Raskin
Chairperson: Hilary Wainwright

King: A Street Story

A reading by John Berger and his daughter, Katya Andreadakis, from the story of King, a voice for the poor and marginalized millions who daily live the effects of neo-liberal globalisation. Delivered in English and French, King's lyrically furious homage to the homeless demands to know what YOU are going to do about it?

Towards a New Internationalism: Closing Plenary

Fundraiser for the Case Against Pinochet

Screening of "Death & The Maiden", based on the novel by Ariel Dorfman.
Introduction by Isabel Morel Letelier 
Discussion with Ariel Dorfman

Internet Dossier Orlando Letelier

Bring Pinochet to Justice! Campaign Website