Angola: Global "Good Governance" Also Needed

1 June 2006
Although Angola has emerged from war, a hoped-for “peace dividend” has yet to be paid to most of its citizens. The country’s political and business elites enjoy the fruits of the country’s petrodollars, but ordinary citizens face collosal deficits in public services, livelihoods and legitimate governmance. Sogge charts Angola’s tragedy and what role international corporations and Western powers play in it.

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About the authors

David Sogge

Based in Amsterdam, David works as an independent researcher and writer. As an associate of the Norwegian think-tank NOREF, he currently focuses on public control over transnational flows affecting societies on the global periphery. Professional activities since 1970 provided a basis for books and articles on the politics of foreign aid, and on Africa, particularly Angola and South Africa. Evaluative research assignments have taken him to Vietnam, Eastern Europe and countries of the former Soviet Union. Trained at Harvard, David earned his graduate degrees from Princeton and the Institute of Social Studies in The Hague.

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