'Green Economy'

To reject REDD+ and Extractive Industries to confront Capitalism and defend Life and Territories

December 2014

On the occasion of the UN climate change negotiations in Lima, Peru – known as COP20 – we reaffirm that rejecting REDD+ and ‘environmental services’, two manifestations of the so-­‐called ‘green economy’, is a central part of our struggle against capitalism and extractive industries and the defence of territories, life and Mother Earth.

Protecting carbon to destroy forests

TNI, FDCL, Carbon Trade Watch and IGO
April 2013

This paper provides historical background and reports of experiences on the ground to show how land and nature enclosures are central to REDD+, and why it therefore cannot be fixed.

Climate Space

March 2013

Colombia: privatización del agua

January 2013

Danilo Urrea es activista de Censat Agua Viva

Fifth ‘Critical Environmental Studies Colloquium’

December 2012

Daniel Chavez talks about “State‐Owned Enterprises in the Provision of Public Services and in Industrial Policy” at this colloquium on 'green economy'

The Green Economy and financialisation of nature

October 2012



TNI/RWE public talk

3 december 2012


CREA Amsterdam

Nieuwe Achtergracht 170

Praful Bidal on Greenhouse Development Rights

October 2012

Bidwai is a rare analyst.  He writes as a man of the South, but at the same time he can be extremely critical of the South’s negotiating postures.

A ‘Land Sovereignty’ Alternative?

September 2012

Dramatic changes around food, climate, energy, and finance in recent years have pushed questions of land use and land control back onto the centre stage of development discourse, at the very moment when the same conditions are spurring an unprecedented rush for land and water across the globe.

Video: Why do we need to oppose plans to price nature?

Pablo Solón
August 2012

Why do we need to oppose plans to price nature? What are the alternatives?

Solutions to the EU Crisis: Learning from Latin America

Interview with Pablo Solon
June 2012

Former Bolivian ambassador Pablo Solon speaks of his successes and frustrations in government, what the EU can learn from Latin America in confronting a debt crisis, and warns of the dangers of marketising nature under the guise of a 'green economy.'

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