Participatory budgeting

Transformative Power: Political organisation in transition

November 2012

Does the experience of Greek left party Syriza provide lessons on how to structure parties and state in order in challenge neoliberal austerity and provide lasting social transformation?

Web-based course on Alternatives to Privatisation

August 2012

The Transnational Institute (TNI), in cooperation with the Municipal Services Project (MSP) and the Latin American Programme for Distance Education in Social Sciences (PLED) is offering a free web-based course on Alternatives to Privatisation: Non-Commercial Public Services Options in the Global South. The course will begin on 8 October 2012 and will comprise a series of eight weekly sessions.

Web-based course on Participatory Democracy

August 2012

The Transnational Institute (TNI), in cooperation with the Brazilian research centre CIDADE and the Latin American Programme for Distance Education in Social Sciences (PLED) is offering a free web-based course on Participatory Democracy, Urban Management and Crisis Capitalism. ATTENTION: Due to the high number of registrations, the launch of the course has been postponed to October 8.

Book Launch: Alternatives to privatisation – public services for the future

February 2012

Those who oppose the privatisation of public services are often confronted with the objection of 'no alternative'. However over the last decade, initiatives around the world to democratise public services and ensure equal access for all, resulted in interesting successful alternatives in practice. Two new books, co-published by TNI and the Municipal Services Project, show a wide range of alternatives in the form of successful, non-commercialised public services in health, water, sanitation and electricity.

President Dilma: Let Brazil set an example for a new ecological economy

January 2011

President Dilma Roussef has the mandate and responsibility to forge a new development path: one based on participatory planning, a social market and environmental sustainability.

Insisting on an alternative: meeting the challenge of the cuts

August 2010

The logic of "the market" masks a modern form of despotism where the self-interests of financial elites are dressed up as the "public good."

Now to complete the democratic revolution

May 2009

The current anger in Britain over MPs' misuse of public money is more than outrage at the pathetic greed of public representatives. It is a fury over a deep-seated failure of public control of public money, that should now be the basis of a movement to complete the unfinished struggle for popular sovereignty

New Politics News

February 2009

News from the New Politics programme (last updated in February 2009).

Utopia reborn?

César Rodríguez-Garavito, Patrick Barret and Daniel Chavez
October 2008
The resurgence of the left in Latin America has taken social and political analysts by surprise, and this book is the first attempt at a comprehensive analysis of the origins, characteristics, dilemmas and possible future trajectories of the various manifestations of the new Latin American left.

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This is the introduction to The New Latin American Left: Utopia Reborn?
Patrick Barrett, Daniel Chavez and César Rodríguez-Garavito (Editors)
Pluto Books, Octo

Participatory democracy at the crossroads

Eurotopia No. 5
September 2008

‘Citizens’ participation’ is a fashionable political concept, but one that increasingly means all things to all people. It is time to reclaim ‘participation’ from those who would use it simply to legitimise existing political institutions. This issue of Eurotopia explores different models of participatory democracy in Europe.

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