Radical Community Manager Seminar in Amsterdam

May 2015

Spanish collective Xnet that helped arrest the former Managing Director of the IMF came to Amsterdam to share their skills, tools and strategies with social movements, civil society organisations from all over Europe.

Are African lions really roaring? The Latest Fibs From World Financiers

May 2011

The recent wave of Afro-optimism boasting of economical and technological growth on the continent fails to stand up under closer scrutiny, veiling the harsh reality faced by Africans today.

The growing crisis of credibility of the Indian media

April 2011

Despite massive growth in the Indian media industry, the lack of quality and diversity shows an increasing disconnect with the real lives of people in the country and the most important issues they face.

The power of independent press in social transformation

April 2011

Recognizing the transformational power of communications media, and the inadequacy of most efforts to harness that potential for social ends, La Diaria (The Daily) was created in Uruguay.

When world recession knocks at the door it's time to change

October 2010

Since economic growth dependent on fossil fuels cannot persist, we must challenge the financial market ideology which continues to take precedence over human well being and the evironment.

A note about the failed coup in Ecuador

October 2010

The coup in Ecuador failed because of an effective social mobilization, an overwhelming international solidarity and the courage demonstrated by President Correa.

Selling Off Af-Pak

September 2010

The notion that the Afghan governance model could be transferred to Pakistan is risible.

Floods for Pakistan; Floods of Money For its Leader

September 2010

As images of Pakistan coping with the crisis and of its destitute people were being shown on European television, a French air force helicopter was transporting the richest man in Pakistan to his most extravagant European property, a 16th century chateau.

Israel again gives Jews a bad name

June 2010

Israel's attack against a humanitarian flotilla to Gaza was intended to show the world who is the boss.

Dissidents or traitors?

March 2010

When the “free press” condemns the imprisonment of dissidents in Cuba, they fail to mention that similar attempts to overthrow countries with foreign help would also face imprisonment in most countries worldwide.

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