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Climate Space

March 2013

Fracking and the Democratic Deficit in South Africa

July 2012

When citizens are left out of debates confined to government and the business community, the only means of influencing policy is to petition, protest, or litigate, usually after the horse has bolted. Will fracking be the latest technology introduced without any public debate?

Cover of the magazine, corporate gulliver being tied down by the people

Transnational Capital vs People's Resistance

June 2012

How does transnational capital function? Where does it operate? What globalised logic does it follow? What is the magnitude of its abuses and its social, economic and environmental irresponsibility? And what challenge do we see emerge for us, the people?


Renewables option

March 2012

Instead of imposing nuclear power upon unwilling people, India should join the renewables revolution for handsome gains. 

Radiation Crisis continues in Fukushima

February 2012

The multi-reactor meltdown accident in Japan beginning last March 2011 has not ended. Plants continue to leak radiation and shockingly no sytematic monitoring of radiation levels is taking place.

The Politics of Climate change and the Global crisis

January 2012

In his book Bidwai addresses the impacts of climate change and the politics of the international climate negotiations; and second, lndia as an example of an 'emerging economy' major polluter, which can potentially both aid or obstruct the fight against climate change.

Praful Bidwai at the Durban Climate conference, interview with DemocracyNow!

January 2012

Praful Bidwai talks to DemocracyNow!'s Amy Goodman in Durban during the climate conference about the state of the climate negotiations.

Hunger, Food and (Agroecological) Alternatives

November 2011

Today, a billion people live in hunger. Can we feed the world and achieve economic development while conserving ecosystems and improving the livelihoods of peasants and the rural poor?

As COP17 approaches: Dirty Durban’s manual for climate greenwashing

August 2011

Will the host city for the November-December world climate summit, COP17, clean up its act? The launch of Durban's strategy, Towards a Low Carbon City suggests the new municipal leaders are climate greenwashers, disguising high-carbon economic policies with pleasing rhetoric.

Fighting the Minerals-Petroleum-Coal Complex’s Wealth and Woes

Khadija Sharife
August 2011

Ecocide by the "minerals-energy complex" should be faced by a broad-based opposition, focusing on sanctions against neo-colonial exploitation, and international solidarity with the communities affected.