Global Economic Justice

Profiting from injustice

Pia Eberhardt
November 2012

A small club of international law firms, arbitrators and financial speculators are fuelling an investment arbitration boom that is costing taxpayers billions of dollars and preventing legislation in the public interest.

Video Documentary: Global Crises, Regional Solutions

May 2012

Activists from Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe argue that regional integration is the only viable response to the convergence of economic, climate, food and energy crises.

Exorcising the Curse of Voodoo Economics

April 2014

Reclaiming Development, a closely-argued critique of neoliberal economic policy, is debunking development orthodoxies at its best. Republished now, ten years after its first appearance, the book has lost none of its relevance for students and those trying to re-direct economic policies away from their financialized doom-loops.

Over 70 Myanmar CSOs express their concerns over the EU-Myanmar Investment agreement

March 2014

Over 70 Myanmar CSOs express their concerns over the EU-Myanmar Investment agreement in the below letter to European Trade Commissioner De Gucht.

How rising inequality threatens our democracy

How rising inequality threatens our democracy
February 2014

India is becoming an increasingly inequitable, “rich-take-all”, pathological, society marked by exclusion and immobility, where an individual’s circumstances of birth, and class and caste privileges, matter more than his/her effort.

Traité transatlantique, conférence de Susan George (ATTAC)

January 2014

Conférence de Susan George, fondatrice et présidente d’honneur de l’association ATTAC, à propos de l’accord de libre-échange transatlantique, entre les États-Unis et l’Europe, qui doit entrer en vigueur en 2015.


Bookreview: How to win the Class War

Peter Whittaker
January 2014

Peter Whittaker reviews How to win the Class War by Susan George for the New Internationalist: "The biggest danger to capitalism would be co-operation between the range of social forces opposing neoliberal control".

Winning the class war: a ruling class perspective

Liam Barrington-Bush
January 2014

Liam Barrington-Bush reads Susan George’s new book, ‘How to Win the Class War: The Lugano Report II,’ and, while impressed by its breadth of information, is left wondering if more intellectual criticisms of capitalism are going to help us get out of the mess the free market has created.

Land Conflicts in Argentina

Zoe Brent
December 2013

In Argentina, the accumulation of new lands for expanding mining and large-scale agribusiness requires displacement of current occupants. However, peasant resistance is shaping to achieve far-reaching structural change.

Susan George: Bankers hide behind complex language

December 2013

In the final episode of a series of interviews, Susan George talks about what impact she hopes her latest book, How to win the Class War - The Lugano Report II will have and why avoiding jargon is key to challenging the powerful.