The EU-India-FTA: development and growth for each and everybody?

Barbara Meincke
November 2008
Far-reaching tariff elimination and liberalization of government procurement can have negative effects on the most vulnerable and marginalized groups in Indian society and hamper rather than foster human development.

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How Badly Can the 'Experts' Ruin the Planet?

Robin Broad
October 2008
Look no further than the World Bank to see how many economic, social and environmental problems so-called experts can make worse.

Transnational Corporations on Trial

Wolfgang Kaleck, Miriam Saage-Maaß
October 2008

This study analyses existing legal means of holding European transnational companies liable for extraterritorial human rights violations. The authors examine four representative legal cases against European companies in Latin America that revolve around problems typical in the region.

Development Redefined

Robin Broad
September 2008

Today, just as faith in deregulated markets has evaporated in the nightmare on Wall Street, so too is the long reign of market fundamentalism (or neoliberalism) ending in the development arena. And, a debate over the best route to development has returned.

How Doha died: A ringsider’s view

Riza Bernabe interviewed by Walden Bello
August 2008
Regarded as one of the leading experts on Philippine trade and agriculture issues, Riza Bernabe was interviewed by Walden Bello on the latest collapse of the WTO "Doha Round" trade negotiations.

The Doha Round of trade negotiations of the World Trade Organization (WTO) collapsed in Geneva nearly 14 days ago.

The international trade system needs to reinvent itself

Myriam Vander Stichele
August 2008
The collapse of WTO talks has brought the problems of the international trade system to the surface. It is now time to overhaul a 'free trade' system that protects corporate globalisation at the expense of poverty eradication and sustainability

The collapse of the WTO talks at the end of July 2008 was not a surprise.

Doha is the Problem, NOT the Solution

Call to Action
July 2008

We, representatives of peasant organizations, women, migrants, workers, urban and rural poor, fisherfolks, social movements and civil society organizations from East and Southeast Asia call for the rejection of the Doha Round.

We condemn and urgently call the attention of others to the attempts to conclude the Doha “Development” Round through a Mini-Ministerial in Geneva this July 21-26, 2008. This informal meeting to be convened by WTO Director General Pascal Lamy will begin July 21 and last for up to one week.

The perils of a Doha deal on services

July 2008
Just as a global consensus is forming around strongly re-regulating the financial sector, developed country negotiators at the WTO are continuing to press developing countries for a services agreement that would drastically liberalise their financial sectors.

Desperate to clinch a new global trade deal, World Trade Organization chief Pascal Lamy is planning to convene a “mini-ministerial” meeting in the third week of July.

Dark Victory

Walden Bello, Shea Cunningham and Bill Rau
July 2008

Dark Victory reveals the roots of rising poverty and inequality in the South in a sweeping strategy of global economic rollback unleashed by the US to shore up the North's domination of the international economy and reassert corporate control.

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