Civil Liberties

Civil Liberties

Pope Francis in Palestine

Foreign Policy In Focus
June 2014

There were plenty of important statements from Pope Francis during his recent three-day trip to Palestine and Israel—including a plea for “justice,” a traditional call for peace and a reference to the “State of Palestine”—but at the end of the day it was all about the photo-ops.

How the EU subsidises Israel’s military-industrial complex

March 2013

The EU is providing generous R&D (research and development) subsidies to Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), the state-owned manufacturer of Israeli ‘drones’ and other ‘battlefield solutions’. Some of the grants are for IAI to adapt its killer robots for use within the EU. 


The Marikana massacre

September 2012

Mining is a lucrative business opportunity. With the global demand still being so high the South African government is banking on mining as the country's route to development. What then are the implications of the Marikana massacre?

Ethnic Peace and Political Participation

August 2012

Ceasefires have been agreed; the NLD has elected representatives in the national legislatures; Western sanctions are being lifted; and the World Bank and other international agencies are returning to set up office in the country. Such developments are likely to have a defining impact on ethnic politics, which remains one of the central challenges facing the country today.

How international rules on countering terrorist-financing are undermining freedom of association

March 2012

How international rules on countering terrorist-financing are undermining freedom of association: an analysis of the impact of FATF ‘Special Recommendation VIII’ on non-profit organisations.


Counter-terrorism, ‘policy laundering’ and the FATF

March 2012

A lack of democratic control, oversight and accountability of the FATF has allowed for regulations that circumvent concerns about human rights, proportionality and effectiveness.

Understanding the Arab Spring

Salwa Ismail, Shaheer George, Mehdi Lalou, Yao Graham,
June 2011

Middle East scholars join TNI fellows in a unique and fascinating discussion of the context of the democracy uprisings in the Middle East and the way it may shape the region for future generations.

Is the Arab Spring a Black Swan?

May 2011

A recent comparison by top foreign policy thinkers in the US reveals the not so pro-democratic thinking that also goes on in Washington, referring to the emancipatory movements of the Arab Spring as a improbable "worst-case scenarios."

Egypt Now: Revolution and Counter-Revolution

April 2011

While it has become commonplace to refer to the "Egyptian Revolution" - it is not at all clear that what has happened in Egypt can be considered as such, as struggles for power and counter-revolutionary forces remain a threat to the people's movement.

Get all US forces and mercenaries out of Iraq

November 2010

War and Sanctions continue to be used to manipulate and control Iraq. Joy Gordon's recent book on the sanctions and US policy shows them being used by the US and Britain, not as an alternative to war as many in the international community may have intended, but as a means of softening in preparation for war.

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