Human Rights

Human Rights

Fighting Maoists

August 2012

The killing of 20 civilian men, women and children by Indian military police is morally impermissible and a political triumph for the Maoist argument that the Indian state is structurally and irredeemably anti-people, anti-Adivasi and brutal.



Mathias Vermeulen
July 2012

The EU’s new 'smart borders' regime infringes fundamental rights, undermines privacy while creating profits for Europe’s defence contractors.

Who's Who in the Syrian Uprising?

July 2012

Many forces are at play in the Syrian uprising. Who are they and how are they connected?

Which Direction for the Mideast?

July 2012

Responding to the New York Times' article "The Third Intifada is Inevitable," Phyllis focuses on the potential power of the Boycotts, Sanctions, and Divestment (BDS) movement.

Can We Stop a Civil War in Syria?

July 2012

Outside powers should stop military involvement in the Syrian crisis and support new diplomatic initiatives.

Movements for Peace

May 2012

Palestinian Hunger Strikers and U.S. Veterans Returning Service Medals Lead Movements for Peace

We're Fighting in a War We Lost Before the War Began

May 2012

New poll shows support for Afghanistan war lower than ever, and for good reason

Ten years later, who have we become?

September 2011

A recommitment to King’s inspired vision might just be the best thing that could ever come out of the horrendous death and destruction of 9/11: a commitment to live, a commitment to love, and a commitment to peace and social justice.

9/11: a perfect pretext, a terrible legacy

September 2011

The tragedy of 11 September 2001 was used by authoritarian forces in the United States as a political opportunity.

Staying in Afghanistan: Unending occupation

August 2011

While the US focuses on consolidating its permanent military presence in Afghanistan, designed to guard and exploit Central Asian energy reserves, its earlier rational "to fight terrorism" is a faded memory. Afghanis, meanwhile, continue to lose their lives and humanitarian conditions worsen.

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