United Nations

United Nations

Yemen: Deja Vu All Over Again

January 2010

Obama administration approved 70 million dollars of military assistance to Yemen, just the amount of development aid that the Bush senior withdrew for Yemen's refusal to approve the first Gulf war at the UN Security Council 20 years ago.

Ending the US War in Afghanistan

David Wildman
November 2009

In this compact, concise, jargon-free primer, the authors examine the U.S. war in Afghanistan and why it must be brought to an end.

Responsibility to Protect

Henning Melber
November 2009

Reponsibility to Protect -  a responsibility of all States to protect their own populations, but ultimately a responsibility of the whole human race, to protect our fellow human beings from extreme abuse wherever and whenever it occurs, might provide a tool – if used carefully and responsibly – that could reduce (if not eliminate) more human disasters.

Pressing issues for UN peacekeeping operations

Joana Abrisketa
September 2009

The resignation of the UN commander in chief in Congo this year is indicative of the rising number of problematic UN peacekeeping missions. For peacemaking in complex environments to have a chance of succeeding, members of the UN Security Council will need to transcend their own national security and economic interests.

U.N. General Assembly president urges rich countries to better address the economic crisis

July 2009

Miguel d'Escoto Brockmann, the elected president of the United Nations General Assembly, d'Escoto has touched a raw nerve among the world's most powerful nations.

Why is the UN ignoring the financial crisis?

June 2009
UN conference was convened to find new ways of dealing with the global financial and economic crises and give voice to those most affected by them. But the rich countries have opposed any real change, and the result is an anemic UN document.

United Nations and Transnational Corporations: a deadly association

Alejandro Teitelbaum
April 2007
The United Nations is failing in its duty to control the abuses of transnational economic power.
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