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Libya's opposition calls for a ceasefire

April 2011

Since the intervention in Libya has neither resulted in the removal of Gaddafi, nor an end to the fighting - an immediate ceasefire should be top of everyone's agenda to bring an end to the continuing bloodshed.

Nuclear weapons are incompatible with international humanitarian law

April 2011

The Vancouver Declaration affirms the incompatibility of nuclear weapons with International Humanitarian Law.

The Road to Hell is paved with 'humanitarian interventions'

March 2011

Will the outcome of the Western intervention in Libya be positive for its people? A look at history shows what came of 'good intentions' and promises in the past.

Withdrawal Issues: Report on the U.S. tactical nuclear weapons in Europe

Withdrawal Issues

Susi Snyder
March 2011

Interviews conducted with European NATO delegations and NATO staffers concerned with nuclear planning and deployment reveal that there is sufficient political will to end the deployment of U.S. tactical nuclear weapons in Europe.

South of the Sahara dictators tremble

March 2011

The possible domino-effect of the Arab Spring makes African dictators tremble in their boots. What are the parallels and what are the differences? Will an African Spring take place and how will it look?

Another missed opportunity

March 2011

Obama's trip to Latin America: about gaining economic advantages, ignoring historical and recent diplomatic interferences and strategically placed critisism.

Jaw-jaw about the Libya war-war

March 2011

Instead of focusing on the motives of the US and NATO, the opposition to the Libyan bombings needs to focus on the likely outcomes. Afghanistan and Iraq taught us there is still no way to bomb a country into democracy.

Burma's Longest War: Anatomy of the Karen Conflict

Ashley South
March 2011

As Burma enters a period of political transition, the role of the Karen ethnic communities will be critical in responding to the political and economic challenges that will shape their future. An in-depth history and analysis of the Karen's complex relationship with the Burmese state and central government.

Libya intervention threatens the Arab spring

March 2011

Despite its official UN-granted legality, the credibility of western military action in Libya is rapidly dwindling.

UN resolution goes far beyond no-fly zone

March 2011

Foreign military intervention in Libya has little to do with humanitarian concerns, and protracted militarization could threaten the country's chance for real democratic development.

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