Peace & Security

Yemen: Deja Vu All Over Again

January 2010

Obama administration approved 70 million dollars of military assistance to Yemen, just the amount of development aid that the Bush senior withdrew for Yemen's refusal to approve the first Gulf war at the UN Security Council 20 years ago.

Pakistan and the Islamist challenge

A.H. Nayyar and Zia Mian
December 2009

The murderous assault on Bombay by Islamist militants, at least some of whom were from Pakistan, has exposed once again the grave danger that radical Islamist movements pose to Pakistan, its neighbors, and the world.

Das Friedensgutachten 2009

Christiane Fröhlich, Margerte Johannsen, Bruno Schoch, Adreas Heinemann-Grüder
December 2009

Das Friedensgutachten ist das gemeinsame Jahrbuch der fünf Institute für Friedens- und Konfliktforschung  in  der  Bundesrepublik. Das Friedensgutachten 2009 stellt Möglichkeiten, Wege und Grenzen, Kriege und Gewaltkonflikte zu beenden,  in  seinen  Mittelpunkt.

US no business in the middle of Afghan civil war

December 2009

Obama said that there was no military solution, but that's all he's really offering.

President Obama's Afghanistan Escalation Speech: An Assessment

December 2009

President Obama's speech reflected accountability not to his base, the extraordinary mobilization of people who swept this anti-war and anti-racist candidate into office, but rather to the exigencies of Washington's traditional military, political, and corporate power-brokers who define "national security."

Reprise? Obama and Afghanistan

November 2009

Obama's caving in to the pressures of Pentagon to escalate the war in Afghanistan will inevitably mean weakening his programmes at home and losing the support of the broad progressive coalition that brought him to power.

Dissidents make noise -- oops, news

November 2009

Duplicity in language of the US administration coincides with stupidity of its policy.

Security in Afghanistan - Business as usual?

November 2009

The security threat has made the operations of international agencies in Afghanistan more costly, but it is also one of the few booming sectors providing much needed jobs to some and lucrative profits to others. TNI staff report from Afghanistan.

Closing bases

November 2009

The closure of the US military base in Manta is a huge victory for both the Ecuadorian activists who have been campaigning for a decade against the US military presence in their country, and for the international No-Bases campaign.

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