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Video: The Zone of Turbulence: Afghanistan

Michael Warschawski, Director of the Alternative Information Centre, Jerusalem
January 2011

Afghanistan is a classic instance of the political and military mess that empires leave behind.

Video: In Depth with Phyllis Bennis

January 2011

Phyllis Bennis talks in depth about her life, career, and work.

Man Fridays: Wikileaks exposes UK tricks to deny the Chagossians the right to return home

January 2011

A 2009 cable on Diego Garcia released by WikiLeaks shows how little has changed in the UK colonialist mindset in the past 50 years.

Colombia: A successful case for the war on drugs?

January 2011

Is Colombia's narcotrafficking situation comparable to that of Mexico, including the strategies needed to combat it?

What can we expect to see in 2011?

January 2011

Changing global power balances, continuing crises, Iran, Afghanistan. Four TNI fellows share their predictions for 2011.

Discrimination in Occupied Palestine

December 2010

The Human Rights Watch report, "Separate and Unequal: Israel’s Discriminatory Treatment of Palestinians in the Occupied Palestinian Territories" reveals nothing new but is nevertheless a conclusive demonstration of acute and pervasive discrimination against Palestinians as a salient feature of the Israeli occupation.


Gavin Sullivan
December 2010

Human rights experts call for abolition of United Nations ‘terrorist list’ and wholesale reform of EU blacklisting regime.

The delusions of the peace process

December 2010

The politics of the peace process in the Middle East have ensured that the mere prospect for producing peace is nonexistent.

Pernicious parallels

December 2010

The United States' protracted fight against insurgencies in Iraq and Afghanistan have raised the spectre of the Vietnam war. A review on recent literature on US wartime policies from Vietnam to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Wikileaks: Media Challenging Authority

December 2010

Wikileaks is a threat to powerful institutions because it adheres to the principles of an independent media, challenging authority and power.

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