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Egypt's joy as Mubarak quits

February 2011

The age of political reason is returning to the Arab world. The people are fed up of being colonised and bullied. Meanwhile, the political temperature is rising in Jordan, Algeria and Yemen.

Egypt’s Dignity Revolution

Salwa Ismail
February 2011

Egyptians' experience of a police state is behind calls not just for Mubarak's resignation but a fundamental overhaul of state structures.

Betting on the Gatopardo strategy

February 2011

The problem facing Obama is that of constructing “Mubarakism” without Mubarak, that is, to guarantee the continuity of the pro-American autocracy through an acceptable replacement recruited from the ranks of the regime.

EU complicity in Israeli human rights abuses

February 2011

Evidence given at the Russell Tribunal on Palestine, and the EU's provision of research grants to Israeli security companies complicit in violations of human rights law.

Tunisia: a revolution for dignity and freedom that can not be colour-coded

Mohamed-Salah Omri
January 2011

The term "Jasmine revolution" does not capture the meaning of the Tunisian revolt. This was a rejection of politics as usual, of big and dirty business, of EU and US-supported dictatorships.

Video: The Zone of Turbulence: Afghanistan

Michael Warschawski, Director of the Alternative Information Centre, Jerusalem
January 2011

Afghanistan is a classic instance of the political and military mess that empires leave behind.

Video: In Depth with Phyllis Bennis

January 2011

Phyllis Bennis talks in depth about her life, career, and work.

Man Fridays: Wikileaks exposes UK tricks to deny the Chagossians the right to return home

January 2011

A 2009 cable on Diego Garcia released by WikiLeaks shows how little has changed in the UK colonialist mindset in the past 50 years.

Colombia: A successful case for the war on drugs?

January 2011

Is Colombia's narcotrafficking situation comparable to that of Mexico, including the strategies needed to combat it?

What can we expect to see in 2011?

January 2011

Changing global power balances, continuing crises, Iran, Afghanistan. Four TNI fellows share their predictions for 2011.

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