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A note about the failed coup in Ecuador

October 2010

The coup in Ecuador failed because of an effective social mobilization, an overwhelming international solidarity and the courage demonstrated by President Correa.

Unlevel Playing Field: Burma’s Election Landscape

September 2010

"Opposition parties participating in the process view boycotting the elections as a strategic mistake. The only way forward for them is to play a better game of chess, making the best strategic use of the limited space available."

Israel's settlement freeze is over: So what?

September 2010

If Netanyahu believed Israel really could lose its military aid, his calculations on settlements would be significantly different.

Poverty Rising

September 2010

As the empire flails in unsuccessful efforts to control 'strategic areas' abroad, its internal politics have devolved into 'The Unreality Game'.

Why the U.S. won't cut ties with Israel, no matter how extreme its government gets

August 2010

Israel's defence minister spends much more time in Washington than the nation's pro-"ethnic cleansing" foreign minister; no wonder when the US is committing hundreds of billions of US taxes to Israel's militarization.

It's no secret what Pakistan's been doing with the Taliban

August 2010

British politicians "shock" over wiki-leaks shouldn't be taken seriously: Pakistan's ties to the Taliban have never been a secret.

Obama’s Nuclear Postures

July 2010

The latest US government nuclear review shows that Obama's nuclear policy - rhetoric aside - is no different to previous administrations, seeking to retain nuclear weapons for the indefinite future and accepting scant constraint on how these weapons might be used.

Sad Spectacle in Istanbul

July 2010

If left-wing ideas have become popular again and social movements in Eastern Europe have strengthened, why is the European Social Forum in decline?

A Tale Of Two Extraditions

July 2010

The US government demanded that Jamaican Prime Minister Bruce Golding extradite a drug dealer. When Venezuela made similar demands on Washington, for arguably the Hemisphere’s most notorious terrorist, the Justice Department brushed off the request.

BP-Style Extreme Energy Nightmares to Come: Four Scenarios for the Next Energy Mega-Disaster

July 2010

The BP Gulf oil spill is not an anomaly but the result of industry-wide recklessness, as companies employ more and more risky methods to reach inaccessible reserves as the conventional ones run dry.

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