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Urgent need for binding obligations on Transnational Corporations raised at the UN

June 2011

John Ruggie's proposed guidelines to the UN on Human Rights and Transnational Corporations fail to bring TNCs under any binding law, thefore enabling human rights and environmental crimes to continue with impunity.

Euro-Med Uprising: Analysis from the frontline

May 2011

Speakers from across the Middle East and Europe discuss the wave of social unrest across the wider region; what do these struggles have in common? What opportunities are there for building solidarity between movements across the Mediterranean?

Accepting Fait Accompli

May 2011

India should not use the Mazen-Beilin understandings of October 1995 as a base for foreign policy regarding the Israel - Palestine conflict. Any outline of parameters based on this document endorses brutality, illegality and voraciousness of colonial rule.

Book review - Maoist and Other Armed Conflicts.

May 2011

The authors provide a remarkably comprehensive and lucidly written survey of the armed conflicts currently taking place within India.

Torture: Immoral, illegal, counterproductive, and un-American

May 2011

Resorting to lawlessness in 'the war against terror' only serves to undermine the very values that made American society strong in the first place.

Free private Manning: Unmasking the Myth of National Security

May 2011

Double standards and double speak surround the case of private Manning; the term 'national security' has been used again and again by the government to cover up bureaucratic mistakes and human rights crimes.

Is the Arab Spring a Black Swan?

May 2011

A recent comparison by top foreign policy thinkers in the US reveals the not so pro-democratic thinking that also goes on in Washington, referring to the emancipatory movements of the Arab Spring as a improbable "worst-case scenarios."

India and Pakistan's hope after Osama

May 2011

Bin Laden's demise may mark a turning point in the relationship between India and Pakistan.

Osama is no martyr, but the man prevailed

May 2011

The US response to 9/11 over the last decade played right into bin Laden's preferred terrain.

Who will reshape the Arab world: its people, or the US

May 2011

Phase one of the Arab spring is over. Phase two – the attempt to crush or contain genuine popular movements – has begun.

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