Remunicipalisation Tracker

September 2014

The Remunicipalisation Tracker documents more than 45 showcases of cities, regions and countries that have rolled back privatisation and embarked on securing public water for all that need it.

TNI at the Alter Summit

June 2013

The Alter Summit is taking place one week after the big mobilization against the Troika in 100 European cities and the blockade of the ECB led Blockupy.

Resist and transform: the struggle for water in Greece

May 2013

A combination of opposing privatisation and putting forward practical alternatives is helping water campaigners mount an effective challenge to austerity in Greece.

Declaration of the Social Movements Assembly

April 2013

As the Social Movements Assembly of the World Social Forum of Tunisia, 2013, we are gathered here to affirm the fundamental contribution of peoples of Maghreb-Mashrek (from North Africa to the Middle East), in the construction of human civilization.

The European Spring 2013 – A New Beginning?

March 2013

The European Spring's Days of Action, that targeted the EU Summit and its austerity agenda, provides important lessons on how to develop alliances between trade unions, grassroots movements and civil society organisations.

Profits and Loss in the EU crisis

March 2013

Politicians like to argue that we are 'all in it together' when it comes to austerity measures but there are definitely winners and losers in the current Euro crisis.

The future of Public Enterprises in Latin America and the World

December 2012

An international seminar in Montevideo, co-organised by TNI and the Uruguayan government, shared the latest learning and innovation by state-owned enterprises across Latin America and affirmed their importance as instruments for economic and social development.

Civil society and decolonisation in South America

September 2012

An historical overview of Latin American debates and experiences related to democracy, citizenship and civil society and some highlights of current conflicts in Venezuela, Ecuador and Bolivia.

Seeking a democratic solution to the EU crisis

Pavlos Kazakopoulous interviewed by Julie de Los Reyes
August 2012

Syriza party and movement activist outlines the leading Greek opposition party's strategy post-elections and his belief in an alternative vision for European integration rooted in democracy.

Premiere "The Brussels Business"

August 2012

The Brussels Business, Friedrich Moser en Matthieu Lietaert, 2012 (Nederlands ondertiteld)

Zondag 2 September 19.00h

Filmtheater Kriterion

Roetersstraat 170 Amsterdam