What's on the agenda for 2008?

January 2008
The end of Putin's presidency has coincided with the slowing down of economic growth which could be damaging for the elites that consolidated riches during his reign, but might be an opportunity for the left.

Throughout the New Year holidays the mass media let the Russian public alone. Russia’s home newsmakers, apart from Moscow’s glamorous people, were dead silent.

Final Interim Report of an Independent Citizens’ Team from Kolkata on the Current State of Affairs in Nandigram

January 2008

As a result of an initiative instituted by women’s groups, women’s organizations and individuals, an eleven member women’s team of concerned citizens from Kolkata comprising teachers, social activists, researchers and students visited Nandigram, on November 24, 2007.

Not by Haj subsidies alone

December 2007

The government must initiate purposive and comprehensive affirmative
action for Muslims if it is serious about implementing the Sachar
Committee report.

Unfortunate witchhunt

December 2007

West Bengal's left front government has earned yet more embarrassment
for itself after Nandigram by throwing Bangladeshi writer Taslima
Nasreen out of Kolkata.