Labour and Unions

Labour & Unions

Doing away with ‘labour’

November 2013

Conventionally, the concept of ‘labour’ is understood as referring to waged labour – the capacity to labour as exercised through a market. It was precisely this narrow understanding of labour that the discussions in this stream challenged from several angles.

Notes for a political economy of creativity and solidarity

October 2013

How can society move towards forms of economic organisation that place human creativity, including a respectful relationship to nature, at their centre?

Seeds of discontent

October 2013

Watch this trailer for a powerful new documentary about how supposedly well-meaning Dutch and Swedish investments can result in land grabbing and human rights abuses in one small community in Mozambique.


Unleashing the creativity of labour

September 2012

What would it mean if industrial policies aimed to release workers’ economic creativity – and not just in waged work but beyond? Hilary Wainwright draws inspiration from experiments in Germany, Spain, UK and South Africa.

The Marikana massacre

September 2012

Mining is a lucrative business opportunity. With the global demand still being so high the South African government is banking on mining as the country's route to development. What then are the implications of the Marikana massacre?

Web-based course on Participatory Democracy

August 2012

The Transnational Institute (TNI), in cooperation with the Brazilian research centre CIDADE and the Latin American Programme for Distance Education in Social Sciences (PLED) is offering a free web-based course on Participatory Democracy, Urban Management and Crisis Capitalism. ATTENTION: Due to the high number of registrations, the launch of the course has been postponed to October 8.

The Apple Connection

February 2012

iPad and iPhone are engineering masterpieces, but they also epitomise the social relations of production today where capital is free and labour is repressed.

Ireland’s Debt Crisis: Roots and Reactions

Andy Storey
November 2011

The Celtic Tiger might just find its strength and appetite for action in the growth of left leaning electorates and local citizens initiatives. The tailspin of economy caused by austerity policies should be countered by a transparent debt audit.

Austerity, debt, social destruction in Europe: Stop!

May 2011

Mobilising and resisting austerity ideology in the EU, building pan-European solidarity for an alternative economic and environmental future.

The Way Forward - Voices from the Global Water Operator Partnership Alliance

April 2011

GWOPA brings together public water operators, trade unions, workers and civil society on a platform to discuss, learn and develop model practices for the provision of fair and equal access to public water.

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