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UN World Water Day 2011: Reclaiming public water for our cities

March 2011

TNI's Water Justice programme is marking this year's UN World Water Day in Cape Town at the GWOPA (Global Water Operator partnerships Alliance) Congress, in the continuing struggle to reclaim public water.

Video: Water Union Rally in Jakarta - December 2010

March 2011

In December 2010, hundreds of water union workers in Jakarta (Indonesia) protested against the privatisation of water services in the city.

Public Community Partnerships in Peru and Uruguay

March 2011

Citizen struggles for public water in Peru and Uruguay share many similarities and a common vision, with "public-community partnerships" bringing trade unions and water utility managers together on a shared platform.

Crack capitalism or reclaim the state

John Holloway
February 2011

Fascinating debate between two leading left thinkers on whether the state can be democratised, how labour can be empowered and the best ways to confront capitalism.

Prokhorov’s Shock Modernization

November 2010

The public outrage that was caused by the leakage of a controversial amendment to the Labor Code in Russia might backfire beyond what the unions anticipated.

How about Saving all the Miners

November 2010

The unprecedented global media attention drawn by the Chilean mining story needs to look at the bigger picture - the criminal practices of the global mining industry.

Norma Rae Would Be Proud

October 2010

While intellectuals debate whether Russia has a civil society, union leaders created an organization independent of government control with thousands of members.

The resistible rise of corporate power

October 2010

The massive concentration and growth of corporate power poses a major threat to what remains of public services, highlighting the ever-deepening crisis of democracy, and the urgent need for people to reclaim the state.

Beyond divide and rule? From the Washington to the Beijing Consensus

September 2010

Cold War divisions were central to the rise of Asia-Pacific regionalism, but what factors are influencing alternative visions for Asia in the twentieth century, and what implications do they have for the global system as a whole?

Insisting on an alternative: meeting the challenge of the cuts

August 2010

The logic of "the market" masks a modern form of despotism where the self-interests of financial elites are dressed up as the "public good."

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