Labour and Unions

Labour & Unions

Huancayo: From resistance to public-public partnership

April 2008
The Andean city of Huancayo has shown that a strong local movement of citizens and workers can expand the struggle against privatisation into reclaiming public water services.


Labor movement and civil society

Boris Kagarltisky
February 2008
The strike at the Ford factory in Vsevolozhsk has invigorated the labour movement, which could turn the struggle for the amendment of the Russian Labour code into the most important political issue of the year.

The confrontation between employees and administration of the “Ford” plant in Vsevolozhsk ended in compromise. The salary was raised by 16-20% depending on the category of employee, rather than by one third, as the trade union demanded.

Nederland helpt multinational bij het beroven van Bolivia!

Actiegroep Stop ETI Nederland
January 2008
De Nederlandse overheid staat toe dat haar internationale verdragen misbruikt worden door multinationals om arme landen af te persen.

Alter Globo in Hong Kong

Au Loong-Yu
January 2007

A distant memory

John Giitings
January 2007
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