Parties & Movements

Parties & Movements

A Peoples' vision for a just and inclusive Asia and Europe

October 2014

One week before the official Asia-Europe government meeting (ASEM) gathers in Milan, over 400 people from 42 countries in Europe and Asia gathered at the 10th Asia-Europe Peoples forum (AEPF) to present their demands and recommendations.

Egypt's still-unfinished Revolution: Celebration & Danger

July 2013

Whether or not the day’s events in Egypt constitute a military coup d’etat, the removal from office of President Mohamed Morsi by the Egyptian military portends great excitement but even greater dangers.

Transformative Power: Political organisation in transition

November 2012

Does the experience of Greek left party Syriza provide lessons on how to structure parties and state in order in challenge neoliberal austerity and provide lasting social transformation?

Civil society and decolonisation in South America

September 2012

An historical overview of Latin American debates and experiences related to democracy, citizenship and civil society and some highlights of current conflicts in Venezuela, Ecuador and Bolivia.

Seeking a democratic solution to the EU crisis

Pavlos Kazakopoulous interviewed by Julie de Los Reyes
August 2012

Syriza party and movement activist outlines the leading Greek opposition party's strategy post-elections and his belief in an alternative vision for European integration rooted in democracy.

Syriza shines a light

July 2012

In Greece, a radical left coalition is actively preparing for power in society and in parliament. Hilary Wainwright reports from Athens.

Reunion with a twist: inheriting from Amsterdam and Seattle

Ailko van der Veen
July 2012

Two activists reflect on 15 years of social movement mobilisation within the European Union.

Dismantle Corporate Power

June 2012

Call to International Action for the economic, political, cultural and environmental sovereignty of our peoples.
End the impunity of transnational corporations Now!

Occupy the left or ignore it?

Christophe Aguiton and Nicolas Haeringer
May 2012

Why the traditional Left needs to understand, be willing to be challenged, and fully embrace the Occupy and Indignado movements.

17 April: International Day of Peasant's Struggle

La Via Campesina
April 2012
Small scale farmers and their allies are celebrating the International Day of Peasant's Struggle on April 17 2012, organising more than 250 actions all over the globe.


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