Parties & Movements

Parties & Movements

Norma Rae Would Be Proud

October 2010

While intellectuals debate whether Russia has a civil society, union leaders created an organization independent of government control with thousands of members.

Pachakuti: Indigenous perspectives, degrowth and ecosocialism

Bob Thomson
October 2010

We have to talk to, learn from and support the indigenous movements which have inserted ecosocialist and degrowth like concepts into the formal constitutions, as in the states of Bolivia and Ecuadorian.

A note about the failed coup in Ecuador

October 2010

The coup in Ecuador failed because of an effective social mobilization, an overwhelming international solidarity and the courage demonstrated by President Correa.

Key issues on the table at the 8th Asia Europe People's Forum

September 2010

Ahead of the Asia Europe People's Forum (AEPF) which coincides with the official ASEM8 summit this year in Brussels, four TNI scholar-activists - Susan George, Praful Bidwai, Ben Hayes and Walden Bello - discuss some of the key struggles facing citizens from both regions.

Asia Europe People's Forum 2010

September 2010

The AEPF this year in Brussels brought together citizens for dialogue, solidarity and action, as a platform from which to oppose corporate-dominated, undemocratic and neoliberal responses to ongoing crises.

Beyond divide and rule? From the Washington to the Beijing Consensus

September 2010

Cold War divisions were central to the rise of Asia-Pacific regionalism, but what factors are influencing alternative visions for Asia in the twentieth century, and what implications do they have for the global system as a whole?

Insisting on an alternative: meeting the challenge of the cuts

August 2010

The logic of "the market" masks a modern form of despotism where the self-interests of financial elites are dressed up as the "public good."

G20's Central Role? As a Lightning Rod

July 2010

The G20 is going to be around for some time. But it will probably be as ineffective as the G8 in stabilizing global capitalism.

Sad Spectacle in Istanbul

July 2010

If left-wing ideas have become popular again and social movements in Eastern Europe have strengthened, why is the European Social Forum in decline?

EU-China Civil Society Forum: Climate Change Conference

May 2010

This conference on climate change brings together civil society from China and the EU to develop common goals and approaches to helping a shift to low carbon economies.

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