Water Justice

Water Justice

Many little streams make a mighty river – the 1 per cent solidarity levy

August 2011

How an innovative financial scheme could help to finance international public-public water projects in the global south.

Stockholm Water Week 2011 has started

August 2011

World Water Week took place in Stockholm this year. Water activists again participated in sessions to ensure that critical voices were heard. Satoko Kishimoto writes about her experiences.

Activists mark one-year anniversary of recognition of human right to water and sanitation

August 2011

A group of activists celebrated the right to water in front of a public water fountain in the centre of Brussels on 27 July.  The occasion was the one-year anniversary of the UN's recognition of right to clean and safe drinking water and sanitation as human right.

Strengthening public water in Africa

Samir Bensaid
August 2011

While both North–South partnerships and SouthSouth Partnerships have strengths and limitations, linking these in networked models is an effective way to mobilise expertise and funding and achieve success.

The global resource grab

Maryann Manahan, Yao Graham
June 2011

Worsening climate change and the emergence of new economic powers is leading to a renewed scramble for resources, with negative consequences for many impoverished communities.

Water Grabbing

Maryann Manahan
June 2011

With hedge funds making bids for melting glaciers, there is a danger at a time of multiple crises of a renewed push for commodification of water that will affect those who can't pay.

Strengthening public water in Africa: South South North networked model of Public-public Partnerships

May 2011

Samir Bensaid is author of the new chapter addition to the collaborative book project "Reclaiming Public Water"- part of TNI's Water Justice programme - which brings experience and insight from Morocco and Mauritania.

The politics of achieving the Right to Water

Mthandeki Nhlapo, Peter Waldorff
April 2011

Privatisation offers nothing to the 43 percent of Africans in cities who have no access to water. On World Water Day 2011, experts met in Cape Town to share experiences of successful public-public partnerships for equal public access.

The Way Forward - Voices from the Global Water Operator Partnership Alliance

April 2011

GWOPA brings together public water operators, trade unions, workers and civil society on a platform to discuss, learn and develop model practices for the provision of fair and equal access to public water.

Open letter to UN-HABITAT Executive Director, Joan Clos, on UN funding for water justice

April 2011

Recent plans to cut funds for the UN's water related work - meaning support for water operator partnership (WOP) alliances would be lost - is a major threat to the great progress which has already been achieved and threatens to undermine the provision of universal access to clean public water.

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