Water Justice

Water Justice

The politics of achieving the Right to Water

Mthandeki Nhlapo, Peter Waldorff
April 2011

Privatisation offers nothing to the 43 percent of Africans in cities who have no access to water. On World Water Day 2011, experts met in Cape Town to share experiences of successful public-public partnerships for equal public access.

The Way Forward - Voices from the Global Water Operator Partnership Alliance

April 2011

GWOPA brings together public water operators, trade unions, workers and civil society on a platform to discuss, learn and develop model practices for the provision of fair and equal access to public water.

Open letter to UN-HABITAT Executive Director, Joan Clos, on UN funding for water justice

April 2011

Recent plans to cut funds for the UN's water related work - meaning support for water operator partnership (WOP) alliances would be lost - is a major threat to the great progress which has already been achieved and threatens to undermine the provision of universal access to clean public water.

UN World Water Day 2011: Reclaiming public water for our cities

March 2011

TNI's Water Justice programme is marking this year's UN World Water Day in Cape Town at the GWOPA (Global Water Operator partnerships Alliance) Congress, in the continuing struggle to reclaim public water.

Video: Water Union Rally in Jakarta - December 2010

March 2011

In December 2010, hundreds of water union workers in Jakarta (Indonesia) protested against the privatisation of water services in the city.

Video: Through the Empty Tap - Water Privatisation in Jakarta

March 2011

The experience of water privatisation in Jakarta (Indonesia) shows that private investments are not the answer to fulfill the human right to water.

Water privatization does not yield cost savings

Mildred E. Warner
March 2011

Proponents of privatization argue that it saves costs due to competitive pressures private providers face to be more efficient, but our comprehensive scientific analysis found no empirical support for cost savings.

Public Community Partnerships in Peru and Uruguay

March 2011

Citizen struggles for public water in Peru and Uruguay share many similarities and a common vision, with "public-community partnerships" bringing trade unions and water utility managers together on a shared platform.

Voices from the World Social Forum

February 2011

Although initiated as a counter-forum to Davos, the World Social Forum has evolved beyond it now, focusing on the root causes of problems facing humanity and developing real alternatives as solutions.

Cancun: The Next Chance for Democratic Solutions to the Climate Crisis

December 2010

American traditional homegrown democracy at a global level: how about allowing the countries that already bear the heaviest burden to step up to the microphone?