Central and West Asia

A perfect social storm

April 2010

The world is changing before our eyes, but the underlying causes are poorly understood. The sudden recent collapse of the political regime in Kyrgyzstan is a case in point.

Phyllis Bennis: Getting Out of Afghanistan

April 2010

What was last month’s visit by President Obama to Afghanistan all about? And what is the solution to the rising violence in the country? Phyllis Bennis analyses the recent events for GRITtv.

Israel-U.S. Relations, Obama Visits Afghanistan, and Another Occupation Election

April 2010

President Obama is using firmer diplomatic language with Netanyahu, but there’s no evidence yet that the administration is ready to use this moment to actually change U.S. policy.

Phyllis Bennis Audio: Ending the US War in Afghanistan

April 2010

Phyllis Bennis discusses US withdrawal from Afghanistan

Rethinking Afghanistan eight years later

March 2010

Phyllis Bennis explains in an in-depth briefing why military occupation is causing a resurgence of the Taliban and how rising popular opposition could still end this imperial war.

Have Taliban arrests undermined peace talks?

March 2010

The recent arrests of senior Taliban figures in Pakistan, which UN officials have said undermine Afghanistan peace talks, reveal a confused US strategy in Afghanistan.

Ending the US War in Afghanistan

February 2010

The recent civilian casualties demonstrate, for any who doubted it,  that this is a war against a vast population of Afghanistan, and the only way to stop killing civilians is to stop the killing. That means to stop all offensive actions and withdraw the troops.

Imperative to resume India-Pakistan dialogue

February 2010

Due to its lack of a coherent policy towards Afghanistan and Pakistan, India is repeatedly losing opportunities to help stabilise this critical part of its neighbourhood.

Afghanistan: this war won't work

January 2010

Obama's announced troops escalation will not bring security to Afghans, it won't turn Afghanistan into a democracy, and it won't make the US safer.

Das Friedensgutachten 2009

Christiane Fröhlich, Margerte Johannsen, Bruno Schoch, Adreas Heinemann-Grüder
December 2009

Das Friedensgutachten ist das gemeinsame Jahrbuch der fünf Institute für Friedens- und Konfliktforschung  in  der  Bundesrepublik. Das Friedensgutachten 2009 stellt Möglichkeiten, Wege und Grenzen, Kriege und Gewaltkonflikte zu beenden,  in  seinen  Mittelpunkt.