Egypt Now: Revolution and Counter-Revolution

April 2011

While it has become commonplace to refer to the "Egyptian Revolution" - it is not at all clear that what has happened in Egypt can be considered as such, as struggles for power and counter-revolutionary forces remain a threat to the people's movement.

The Nuclear Crisis in Japan: a Wake-Up Call for India

March 2011

The Japanese crisis is a wake up call for India, which is currently building of one of the world's largest nuclear power plants at Jaitapur, despite massive popular protest. When such a disaster can occur in an industrially advanced country like Japan, India, whose atomic agency is notorious for its poor safety standards, needs to rethink its nuclear ambitions.

Lessons from Fukushima

March 2011

As the global nuclear industry's fate hangs in the balance, India must rethink its nuclear power expansion plans and impose a moratorium on new reactors.

Video: Water Union Rally in Jakarta - December 2010

March 2011

In December 2010, hundreds of water union workers in Jakarta (Indonesia) protested against the privatisation of water services in the city.

Video: Through the Empty Tap - Water Privatisation in Jakarta

March 2011

The experience of water privatisation in Jakarta (Indonesia) shows that private investments are not the answer to fulfill the human right to water.

Learning from Disaster? After Sendai

March 2011

Despite a terrible history with nuclear technology, corporate and state actors try to disconnect these mega disasters from the energy industry in order to "normalise" that which continues threatens our very existance.

Indian anti-nuclear group demands moratorium on new reactor construction

Anil Chaudhary
March 2011

Around a hundred thousand people perished in Chernobyl. The toll from the nuclear disaster in Fukushima is likely to be high. The CNDP demands a moratorium on all further civilian nuclear activities in India and thorough review and transparent audit of the safety performance of all nuclear reactors.

The Coming Global Food Fight

Robin Broad
March 2011

As anger mounts in response to rising global food prices, small-scale farms rooted in local markets are showing how to avert international disaster and lead the way to "food democracy."

The Arab Revolutions and the Democratic Imagination

March 2011

The revolutionary democrats of the Arab world have an opportunity to bring about the next stage in the global democratic revolution.

Mubarak defiant

February 2011

After Egyptian President Mubarak defied the rising demand of millions of protesters and announced he will remain in office, the question is what happens next.