Israel is right to back away from war with Iran despite nuclear fears

December 2012

Iran has shown itself amenable to diplomacy, while Israel's security establishment advises against military intervention

US backing crucial to Gaza attacks

November 2012

Israel's attack on Gaza could not have happened without the strong support of US administration, but the political changes in the Middle East have left Israel and the US more isolated than ever.

Ending 50 years of military rule

November 2012

Burma has been under military rule since 1962. However, in 2011 a new political system was introduced and a new military-backed government inaugurated that has reached out to the democratic opposition and armed ethnic opposition groups seeking more autonomy. Both of these groups reject the new constitution, which seeks to entrench the army’s power.

Israel escalates Gaza attack with assassination

November 2012

Why has the Israeli government decided to escalate the conflict with Gaza by assassinating Hamas military leader Ahmad Jaabari?

European and Asian leaders' summit displaces farming community

November 2012

Delegates of the 9th Asia European Heads of Government Meeting (ASEM9) may not have known that the luxury villas, in which they met, had displaced a thriving farming community. But the story of the land grab is all too familiar one and casts doubt on the commitment of Asian and European nations to work for food security and sustainable development.


The impact of Alternative Development in Burma and Laos

October 2012

Alternative development and crop substitution programmes seem to be a guise for the Chinese government to support large scale agro businesses in Northern Burma and Laos. 

Future Perspectives for the Mainstream Indian Left

October 2012

After the last 2009 elections the parliamentary left has clearly suffered so serious a defeat that it would not be out of place to describe the current situation as one of crisis.  How does this mainstream left seek to revive itself?

India-Bangladesh border

The Other Burma

October 2012

Northeast India's strategic location between India, China and southeast Asia has led to a recent boom in resource extraction and investment by multinational corporations, but the world continues to remain largely silent on the human rights abuses that continue to be perpetrated by the Indian military. 

Dawei Burma

Land Grabbing in Dawei

Elizabeth Loewen
October 2012

The Dawei region is a highly populated and prosperous region, significant because of its ecologically-diversity and strategic position along the Andaman coast. Thai interest in the region poses an environmental threat and risks massive expulsion of people.

Wholesale disaster in retail trade

October 2012

Imagine a society where 80 percent of all grocery sales are monopolised by just five giant retailers like Walmart, Tesco and Carrefour, locally grown fresh food is largely replaced by processed, low-nutrition plastic-packaged items, and heterogeneity of attire based on traditional and ethnic fabrics is gradually destroyed.

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