Assessing Burma/Myanmar’s New Government

April 2012

Burma is in the midst of its most important period of political transition in over two decades. TNI and BCN hosted a conference to look at the challenges and opportunities in five key areas: politics, ethnic relations, the economy, social and humanitarian affairs, and the international landscape.

Jakarta Water Privatization Today: Dried Water Tap or Change

By Irfan Zamzami, Amrta Institute for Water Literacy
March 2012

With protests, rallies and petitions, the message from the public has been clear: the water service in Jakarta should be re-municipalised, to save the water system from financial ruin and the water service from a profit-oriented private sector.

Renewables option

March 2012

Instead of imposing nuclear power upon unwilling people, India should join the renewables revolution for handsome gains. 

“The Japanese population won’t accept it any longer”

March 2012

On March 11, it’s exactly one year ago that North-Eastern Japan was hit by a major earthquake and a tsunami with giant 15 meter waves. One of the devastating consequences was a meltdown in the Fukushima nuclear power plant – the biggest nuclear disaster in 25 years. How is the situation today?

Ending Burma’s Conflict Cycle?

February 2012

Peace does not just involve the government and ethnic armed opposition groups, but involves all of Burma's citizens.

Could there really be a war against Iran?

February 2012

Although political brinksmanship with Iran is nothing new, escalating tensions do not bode well for the region.


15 years of the Asia-Europe People’s Forum

February 2012

Review of 15 years of Asia European Peoples' Forum reveals its crucial role as the only permanent network and forum linking Asian and European movements and organisations, but also calls for reform to strengthen its work in the future.



The Apple Connection

February 2012

iPad and iPhone are engineering masterpieces, but they also epitomise the social relations of production today where capital is free and labour is repressed.

Does the EU-Malaysia FTA undermine government policy space to regulate?

November 2011

Charles Santiago, MP from Malaysia, discusses the dangers of EU-Malaysia FTA, particularly due to the inclusion of an investment protection chapter. 

Durban and the climate change deniers

November 2011

The EU could play a valuable role in preventing another flawed climate deal if it neutralises the US and brings other ditherers on board while starting talks on future obligations for the emerging economies.

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