Estimulantes de tipo anfetamínico y reducción de daños

October 2011

Poco se sabe sobre el mercado de la metanfetamina en Asia oriental y sudoriental, pero hay fuertes indicios de que la situación se está deteriorando con sustancias cada vez más fuertes, métodos de consumo más perjudiciales y el creciente número de usuarios. Urge que donantes y Gobiernos adopten medidas eficaces para la reducción de daños.

ASEAN Regional Forum on Investment (21-22 September, Manila)

September 2011

Between 20 and 21 September 2011, 40 ASEAN campaigners and experts met in Manila to share knowledge and experiences, articulate common strategies and discuss alternatives to the current investment regime. 

Bye-bye peace process: Palestine comes to the UN

September 2011

After 20 years of failed U.S. diplomacy based on protecting Israel’s occupation, the need to move to a new diplomacy rooted in international law and human rights remains a vital necessity.

September 11th Didn't Change the World. September 12th Did

September 2011

It wasn’t the events of September 11th that changed the world, but the events of September 12th and beyond, when the Bush administration took the world to war in response; that changed the world, and continues to threaten U.S. and global security, and shred U.S. democracy.

Headlines or Not, the Iraq War is Not Over

September 2011

It might seem like cause for celebration after reading the New York Times headline, "Iraq War Marks First Month with No U.S. Military Deaths." But the smaller print on the page reminds us why celebrating is not really in order: "Many Iraqis are killed..." 

600.000 new water connections due to Asian WOPs

September 2011

Stockholm Water Week included a whole day of seminars with a
regional focus and I opted to attend 'Eye on Asia: Partnerships for
Water: How Can Asia Do More?'

Japan’s role in global water: big choice ahead

August 2011

Japanese water companies should avoid investing in for-profit water service ventures abroad, and should focus on non-profit, public-public partnerships instead.

Pro-poor water management: community participation and ownership

August 2011

‘Pro-poor urban water provision’ was a big theme at World Water Week in Stockholm this year. But what is pro-poor water provision, in practice?

Many little streams make a mighty river – the 1 per cent solidarity levy

August 2011

How an innovative financial scheme could help to finance international public-public water projects in the global south.

The Afghanistan War in the Mirror of the Tet Offensive

August 2011

U.S. foreign policy still fails to incorporate the lessons learned from the Tet Offensive. The refusal to admit goals weren't achieved in Afghanistan is frustrating to say the least.

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