Is EU's Competitiveness Pact Doomed?

Steffen Stierle
February 2014

The failure of the German government to pass a Competitiveness Pact might mean the beginning of the end of German supremacy in European fiscal policy making.

Nuclear Phase-Out put to the test

Nathalie Bernasconi-Osterwalder & Rhea Tamara Hoffmann
October 2013

Swedish energy company Vattenfall filed request for arbitration at the International Centre for the Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID), after Germany’s decision to phase out nuclear energy.

EU military spending is 'elephant in the room' and key factor in European debt crisis, argues new report

April 2013

At a time of harsh cuts in social services, it is morally unjustifiable to spend money on weapons that should be invested in creating jobs and tackling poverty.

Video: Trevor Evans: Why is Europe in crisis?

Trevor Evans
May 2012

The EU focus on fiscal deficit is completely mistaken. They are the result of the crisis, not the cause.

Carbon market “growth” is mainly fraudulent, World Bank report shows

August 2010

The global carbon market grew in 2009. Far from signalling a success, this reflects a massive increase in fraud, the dumping of surplus emissions permits by industry, and a rise in financial speculation.