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Syriza shines a light

July 2012

In Greece, a radical left coalition is actively preparing for power in society and in parliament. Hilary Wainwright reports from Athens.

Strengthening Community Water Management in Africa

Jean-Claude Magalhaes, Yves Duval and Mario Milanesi
July 2012

Over the last ten years, a successful public-public partnership has taken shape between the water users associations in a rural region of Senegal, the French city of Cherbourg-Octeville as well as several other partners including civil society groups in Senegal and Europe.

The European Union and the Global Land Grab

June 2012

This fact sheet highlights the involvement of the EU in the global land grab, both directly through the involvement of European capital and corporations in the acquisition of land and indirectly through EU policies that commodify land.

Greece could begin again

June 2012

Despite elections, Greece is heading for an exit from the euro, and the rest of the eurozone periphery may follow, precipitating a huge change in the EU. After the crisis, Greece could slowly recover.

Cannabis reaches parliament

Martín Barriuso Alonso
June 2012

On 19 June, 2012, the Ganjazz Art Club in Donostia, one of the oldest Cannabis Social Clubs in Spain, received a visit that was unimaginable a few years earlier: a group of members of the autonomous regional Basque parliament on official business. Its goal was to find out how one of these cannabis users’ associations, that have proliferated over the past few years, operates.

Austerity: A recipe for deeper inequality

Therese Caherty
June 2012

Ireland has endured austerity for four years – and we're worse off than when we started. The Austerity Treaty will drive this to another level.

The debt crisis and the fiscal treaty referendum in Ireland

Andy Storey
June 2012

The fiscal treaty was voted on in a referendum in Ireland on 31st May and was approved by a margin of 60% to 40% (with a turnout of barely 50% of eligible voters). To understand the significance of the treaty and the referendum result, it is necessary to understand the origins of the Irish and European debt crises.

How clean is gas?

May 2012

Hoe schoon is gas?

Visies uit Zuid Afrika en Nederland


12 Juni 20.00-22.00

De Balie

Kleine-Gartmanplantsoen 10 Amsterdam

Ireland, vote NO for us on 31 May

May 2012

There is no popular support for EU-driven austerity. It’s up to the Irish people to raise their voice and say NO to permanent austerity.

Video: Olivier Hoedeman: Going to the heart of the European Crisis

May 2012

Only if we tackle corporate power at the heart of the EU, do we have a chance to stop Austerity Europe.

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