The Bankrupcty of EU's No-Default Policy

April 2013

The European elite are more afraid of defaults than Russians are of revolutions.

Chavez was no Dictator

March 2013

The Russian blogosphere is sharply divided over the death of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, with some people expressing vulgar joy at his passing, and others pouring out passionate eulogies.

Can Russia come up with a new foreign policy strategy?

October 2012

An illuminating  essay on historical developments in Russia's foreign policy over the last century that argues that only internal political collapse now has the chance to inaugurate a new foreign policy relevant to a post-crisis world.

The Emerging Geo-Strategic Landscape in Central Asia

June 2011

Recent developments in Afghanistan suggest the New Great Game is intensifying in Central Asia.

Privatization Follies

June 2011

Who will benefit from a second wave of privatisation in Russia?

Radical Retirees

February 2011

Russia's youth are much less radical or politically active than Russia's retirees - putting up little resistance as officials gradually encroach upon their rights and entitlements.

Video: Emerging Powers: Allies or Rivals?

Dr. Chaohua Wang, Research Scholar in Chinese Studies at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
January 2011

The economic elites are turning to a neoliberal Keynesianism to save the crisis of capitalism, which is doomed to fail because it does not address its root causes.

Global Crisis: A Russian Perspective

January 2011

The world systems analysis is failing to explain and respond to the current crisis in global capitalism.

The Return of Fascism

December 2010

The logic of Russian fascists has always stood in sharp contrast to the logic and traditions of the development of the nation.

Prokhorov’s Shock Modernization

November 2010

The public outrage that was caused by the leakage of a controversial amendment to the Labor Code in Russia might backfire beyond what the unions anticipated.

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