The EU Fiscal Pact and the Constitutionalisation of Austerity Forever

April 2012

Real World Economics/Transnational Institute invite you to the public debate:

The EU Fiscal Pact and the Constitutionalisation of Austerity Forever

Second Spring Social Conference

March 2012

The Joint Social Conference is an initiative of Trade Unions and social movements in Europe mobilizing on the European Crisis.

Buying back the public, 136 euros at a time

Mary Ann Manahan, Focus on the Global South
March 2012

 “They can do whatever they want with us but that will be over our dead bodies”.

The choice for Greece: a post-modern coup or a new kind of society?

Alex Nunns
March 2012

"Every few months there is an event that is more than a demonstration but less than a revolt. And every time it gets bigger.”

The Crisis Phase 2: Eastern Europe

Joachim Becker
March 2012

During the second phase of the crisis in Europe, the attention has almost exclusively been focused on the Southern euro zone countries. However, Eastern Europe is affected as well though in an uneven way.

The Fiscal Compact Bypasses Democracy and the Rule of Law

Lukas Oberndorfer
March 2012

The adoption of the “fiscal compact” through a treaty under international law bypasses the already feeble democratic and constitutional requirements of European law.

Rise of Neoliberal and Undemocratic Europe

March 2012

We are punishing the innocent, the people who are supposed to pay through austerity, and we are rewarding the guilty because the banks are continuing to receive huge privileges and subsidies from our governments.

Press Release: Irish referendum crucial to challenge EU austerity treaty

March 2012

European researchers and activists in Brussels announce support for "No" vote in Irish referendum as critical to challenging EU programme of permanent austerity.

Could Irish Referendum on EU Fiscal Treaty challenge 'permanent austerity'?

March 2012

In brief video interviews, European activist scholars expose how the EU Fiscal Treaty is undermining democracy, and share their hope that the Irish referendum will open up debate on citizens' alternatives to the EU programme of 'permanent austerity'.

The EU's new austerity treaty - Interview with Lukas Oberndorfer

February 2012

Despite the strong and growing resistance in Greece and other European countries to the direction of EU policy responses to the crisis, the process for this new treaty has unfolded with disquieting speed: initiated in November, an agreement was already reached by end of January among the EU25. This comes at the expense of stifling democratic debate and, indeed, shortcutting the normal consultative procedures in the treaty process through legal manoeuvres.