Land & Sovereignty in the Americas: Sergio Sauer, Brazil

August 2013

Sergio Sauer talks of history of land struggles in his native country and the dualistic roles his government plays to both restrict and expand land grab patterns in and out of Brazil.

The Sugarcane Industry and the global economic crisis

Maria Luisa Mendonça, Fabio T. Pitta and Carlos Vinicius Xavier
July 2013

An examination of ethanol production in Brazil, highlighting the role of financial capital, the territorial expansion of agribusiness and the impacts on labour relations and indigenous peoples and peasant farmers.

Land Grabbing in Latin America

January 2013

A special issue of the Canadian Journal of Development Studies introducing a previously under-explored geographic region into the emerging land grab literature. Available for free till end of May.

Public Debt, Regional Integration and The South Bank

March 2012

The EU debt crisis foretells a more serious global debt crisis, caused by unlimited growth and the ongoing financial casino. Latin America's emerging financial and regional architecture offers hope for a new type of integration based on solidarity. 

Durban and the climate change deniers

November 2011

The EU could play a valuable role in preventing another flawed climate deal if it neutralises the US and brings other ditherers on board while starting talks on future obligations for the emerging economies.


Social and environmental impacts of sugarcane production in Brazil

Carlos Vinicius Xavier, Fábio T. Pitta and Maria Luisa Mendonça
November 2011

In this publication, data and recent analyses will be presented on the expansion of sugar cane monoculture for ethanol production in Brazil, and in particular on the monopolisation in the sector due to mergers and the takeover of production plants by foreign companies

Social and environmental impacts of sugarcane production in Brazil

October 2011

Invitation to public forum organized by Transnational Institute and Milieudefensie:

Social and environmental impacts of sugarcane production in Brazil “A monopoly in Ethanol Production in Brazil: The Cosan-Shell merger" with Maria Luisa Mendonca

14.00-16.30 at the TNI office

De wittenstraat 25, Amsterdam

President Dilma: Let Brazil set an example for a new ecological economy

January 2011

President Dilma Roussef has the mandate and responsibility to forge a new development path: one based on participatory planning, a social market and environmental sustainability.

The resistible rise of corporate power

October 2010

The massive concentration and growth of corporate power poses a major threat to what remains of public services, highlighting the ever-deepening crisis of democracy, and the urgent need for people to reclaim the state.

When world recession knocks at the door it's time to change

October 2010

Since economic growth dependent on fossil fuels cannot persist, we must challenge the financial market ideology which continues to take precedence over human well being and the evironment.