The Chilean 'model'

Michael Moffit
September 2013

'The coup in Chile would somehow be extraordinarily important in my life' wrote Michael Moffit days after the assassination of his wife Ronni and his friend Orlando.

International Call Cumbre de los Pueblos 2013

January 2013

Between the 26th and 28th of January 2013, the CELAC Summit (EU-LAC) will be held in Santiago, Chile. A Peoples Summit will be held in parallel from 25-27th of January.

Transcript of Orlando Letelier's Speech at the Felt Forum

Orlando Letelier
September 2012

Transcript of Orlando Letelier's Speech at the Felt Forum, Madison Square Garden on September 10, 1976. The same day that he was deprived of his Chilean nationality by decree. 

TNI marks 35th anniversary of assassination of Orlando Letelier

September 2011

35 years ago, on 21 September 1976 Orlando Letelier, former TNI Director, was killed by a car bomb in Washington DC. TNI remembers his life.

Assassination on Embassy Row: 34 years later

October 2010

Remembering Orlando Letelier and Ronni Moffitt 34 years after their assassination by Chile's secret police.

Riggs Bank Case

November 2005

The Riggs Bank played a dubious role role in hiding Pinochet's ill-gotten gains.

Riggs Bank to pay millions to Pinochet victims: Press Releasefrom Spanish Legal Team

February 2005

The legal team responsible for the private and popular accusation against Pinochet and others before the National Court of Spain for genocide, terrorism, concealment of assets and money laundering.

Chilean Judge Charges Pinochet in Rights Case

Ignacio Badal
December 2004

A Chilean judge formally charged Augusto Pinochet with homicide and kidnapping in one of many pending cases related to human rights abuses committed during his 17-year rule, and ordered house arrest for the former dictator.

Pinochet indicted for murder

December 2004

A Chilean judge indicted former dictator Augusto Pinochet to stand trial for murder and kidnappings carried out under his 1973-1990 iron rule.

Pinochet Indicted on Human Rights Charges

Eduardo Gallardo
December 2004

A Chilean judge indicted former dictator Gen. Augusto Pinochet on Monday on charges of kidnapping nine political dissidents and killing one of them.