North America

Ex-Chilean Ambassador Killed by Bomb Blast

Stephen J. Lynton and Lawrence Meyer
September 1976

Orlando Letelier, a high official of the late Chile President Salvador Allende, was killed in Washington yesterday when a bomb exploded beneath his car.

Murder of Diplomat Deplored

Phillip A. McCombs
September 1976

Considerable outrage was expressed over the murder of Orlando Letelier yesterday.

Bomb Victim Denounced Policies of Junta in Chile

Karen DeYoung and Milton Coleman
September 1976

During most of his two years of exile here, after his release from imprisonment on an island near the southern tip of Chile, Orlando Letelier lived a quiet life, studying how the world's wealth could be more equitably distributed.

Chilean Violence Increasingly Spreads Beyond its Borders

Lewis H. Diuguid
September 1976

Violent political change has been under way in Chile for six years now, with the violence increasingly spreading beyond the borders of this South American country into the western capitals to which exiles from those opposing the present military government had moved.

Request to Discharge Committee on the Judiciary from Further Consolidation of House Resolution 1559

September 1976

Condemning Murders of Orlando Letelier and Ronni Karpen Moffitt; US Congressional Record - House, 22 September 1976

Orlando Letelier Deserves Honor

September 1976

Orlando Letelier exemplified precisely the qualities - reason, concern for the common man, and civility - which the junta is trying to suppress in his native land