Iraq: The Invisible War

November 2010

The US continues to paint a rosy picture of progress in Iraq but the reality is one of poverty, violence, torture and political corruption.

Millennium Development Goals for the Rich?

September 2010

The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) are today’s global foreign aid agenda. Yet if we look at who's aiding whom, the world's pro-rich global agenda is rather more obvious.

Is Development Aid Nonsense?

May 2010

A panel from some of the rising countries of the South will discuss how
Dutch aid could usefully contribute to more sustainable development.

Moving targets: notes on social movements

Gisela Dütting
March 2010

Social movements cannot be built or engineered, but outside actors - such as aid agencies seeking to support transformative change - can play a constructive role in enabling an environment in which movements can flourish and expand their outreach.

Australian Overseas Development Assistance and the Rural Poor

Dianto Bachriadi
November 2009

Australian overseas development assistance is not simply driven by a desire to assist poorer countries in the Asia-Pacific region. The fundamental premise of Australian aid is, first and foremost, its own national interest.

Germany's Official Development Assistance in Land Policy

Roman Herre
September 2009

The German government's involvement in land policy is reflected through its support for technical land administration and management in more than 20 countries, while the engagement in redistributive land policies like land reform is almost non-existent.

Land Reform Policies in Belgian Official Development Assistance

Jonas Vanreusel
September 2009

For the most part of its history, the Belgian Official Development Assistance (ODA) focused on narrow agricultural productivity issues. With the slow but steady insertion of Belgian ODA into the
international development community’s priorities, instruments and methods, Belgium started to focus on broader rural development.

Give and Take

April 2002

Foreign aid is supposed to be benign and selfless, yet often harms more than it helps, and benefits givers more than receivers. This thoughtful book argues that aid must be made less of a problem, more of a solution.

Reflections on Humanitarian Action

April 2001

Humanitarian action has become a subject for serious debate in light of recent conflicts across the globe. The contributors to this volume provide a systematic overview of the issues involved from a wide range of viewpoints.

Compassion and Calculation

John Saxby
June 1996

An exploration of the million dollar aid agency aid business, examining critical questions such as accountability, purpose, performance and power relations in this crucial sector.

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