Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

A Tale Of Two Extraditions

July 2010

The US government demanded that Jamaican Prime Minister Bruce Golding extradite a drug dealer. When Venezuela made similar demands on Washington, for arguably the Hemisphere’s most notorious terrorist, the Justice Department brushed off the request.

The Condor Years: How Pinochet and His Allies Brought Terrorism to Three Continents

John Dinges
February 2004

This is the underground history of the international Dirty Wars by US allies in South America.

An Assassination, A Failure to Act, A Painful Parallel

John Dinges and Peter Kornbluh
September 2002
Recently disclosed US State Department and CIA records cast a new light on the Letelier assassination, revealing that the US had extensive awareness of a secret assassination operation and suggesting that US officials called off actions that might have stopped it.

A State Terrorist, Still at Large

Murray Karpen
January 2002

A little over 25 years ago, my daughter, Ronni Karpen Moffitt, was murdered by Chilean terrorists in Washington. This past summer one of those terrorists was freed after serving his prison term.

25th Anniversary of Letelier-Moffitt Assassinations and the US Harbors the Terrorists Who Did it

September 2001

As our leaders warn countries that harbor terrorists, who will warn our leaders about harboring terrorists here?

Documents Shed Light on Assassination of Chilean in US

Christopher Marquis and Diana Jean Schema
November 2000

A month before the assassination of Letelier and Moffitt in 1976, the US government ordered its envoys in Latin America to try to avert a plot to murder leftist opponents of the region's governments.

The Case for Full Disclosure of CIA Activities in Chile

Vernon Loeb
October 2000

Covert US operations in Chile to instigate the coup in 1970 and aimed at undermining Allende were all explicitly approved by President Nixon and Henry Kissinger.

Ex-spy Chief says CIA helped him set up Pinochet's Secret Police

Jonathan Franklin
September 2000

The CIA and the former head of the Chilean secret police are scrambling to blame each other for a series of murders at home and abroad, including a notorious 1976 car bombing in Washington.

CIA Had Covert Tie to Letelier Plotter

Vernon Loeb
September 2000

The CIA maintained relations with a top Chilean intelligence official, even though he was considered one of the country's major human rights violators.

Chilean General in Bombing Was Informer

Christopher Marquis
September 2000

The former chief of the Chilean secret police, convicted of masterminding a lethal car bombing in Washington in 1976, was an informer for the CIA when the bombing occurred.

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