State terrorism

Britain Arrests Pinochet to Face Charges by Spain

Clifford Krauss
October 1998

Gen. Augusto Pinochet, who ruled Chile as a despot for 17 years, has been arrested in London after Spain asked that he be extradited for the presumed murders of hundreds of Chilean and Spanish citizens.

US Crippled Chile's Democracy

September 1998

Today is the 25th anniversary of the US-supported coup in Chile. On Sept. 11, 1973, the Chilean military overthrew the elected government of Salvador Allende and established a dictatorship that ruled until 1990.

25th Anniversary of the Chilean Coup

September 1998

The United States has not apologised for destabilising Chile and thereby altering the destiny of its people.

Pinochet: Is a Terrorist Hiding in Chile's Senate?

Scott Armstrong
May 1998

The unresolved issue of Pinochet's involvement in the worst act of international terrorism in Washington in the past 50 years still hangs over US-Chilean relations.

Autumn of the Autocrat

Sarah Anderson
April 1998

Those who brought the suit against Pinochet, in and outside Chile, hope that the case might allow some measure of belated justice and ease the pain they continue to suffer as a result of the dictator's atrocities.

Clinton Urged to Criticize Pinochet

Kevin Galvin
April 1998

Supporters of Orlando Letelier, who was killed by a car bomb planted by Chilean secret police in 1976, want Clinton to speak out against the state-sponsored terrorism practiced by the government of former dictator Gen. Augusto Pinochet.

Punishing Pinochet

April 1998

The international arrest warrants issued by the Spanish judges may put a severe crimp in the travel plans of Pinochet, Galtieri and company for the rest of their dawned lives.

Pinochet Still Stirring up Chile

Anthony Faiola
March 1998

Gen. Augusto Pinochet, one of the last representatives of South America's age of military domination, will retire Tuesday as Chile's army commander after 24 years.

L'Affaire Letelier

July 1995

Le 21 septembre 1976, une bombe tuait à Washington Orlando Letelier - dernier ministre de la défense du président constitutionnel chilien Salvador Allende -, et son assistant Roni Moffit.

Chile has not cleaned up its act

Isabel Letelier
March 1984

The Pinochet regime remains a repressive dictatorship with no intention of moving toward a return to democracy in Chile.

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