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Michael Wara of Stanford, together with Kevin Smith of Carbon Trade Watch
and Platform and others, have won the Economist magazine's online debate
on carbon offset trading
against Henry Derwent of the International
Emissions Trading Association, businessman Mark Trexler and others.

Some 55 per cent of readers voted in favor of the resolution: "This house
believes that carbon offsets undermine the effort to tackle climate

Emma Duncan, the moderator, had this to say:

Climate change is a social issue and it will always be connected with concrete, specific struggles over fossil fuel exploitation, pollution, health, agriculture, livelihoods or access to energy.

The emphasis on free market mechanisms to resolve the climate crisis has not only patently failed to deliver carbon reductions but has also restricted funding and support for progressive social scientists to examine and put forward alternatives.

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Instead of reducing the extraction of fossil fuels and searching for other solutions, current carbon-trading policies, in practice, favour the further exploitation of these fuels.