Climate Negotiations

19 Septiembre 2006


Carbon rational? August 2006
Heidi Bachram
With some MPs now considering carbon rations as the cure-all for climate change, Heidi Bachram explores the effect it might have on the fuel-poor

Don't bank on it June 2006
Heidi Bachram
With its poor track record on poverty, should the World Bank play a role in resolving the climate crisis?

Fissile fantasies
Adam Ma’anit, June 2006
The nuclear industry has
always had something
of the absurd about it.
Efforts to recover its lost
glory by painting itself
green is just the latest
example of this, as Adam Ma'anit

War of the Words
Heidi Bachram, 24 March 2006
Guerra de los mundos - y las palabras

What has the US done for us?
Heidi Bachram, May 2006

Series of events on Climate Justice organised by Carbon Trade Watch and others around the COP11 in Montreal.

Climate Fraud and Carbon Colonialism The New Trade in Greenhouse Gases [PDF document]
Heidi Bachram
Capitalism Nature Socialism Vol. 15, No. 4, December 2004

Cover HothouseHoodwinked in the Hothouse
The G8, Climate Change and Free-market Environmentalism

Carbon Trade Watch, June 2005