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De wereld mag opgelucht ademhalen dat het einde van het tijdperk Bush in zicht is en dat de nieuwe wereldleider Barack Obama althans de indruk geeft dat hij in staat is mensen te verenigen i.p.v. ze tegen elkaar op te zetten. Maar wie even verder gaat dan de euforie van deze historische overwinning, weet dat ook met Barack Obama aan het hoofd van een Amerikaanse regering, sociale beweging hard nodig blijft.

Wat is de 'historische verandering' die in de nacht van 4 op 5 november plaatsvond in de Verenigde Staten van Amerika?

November 2008
Business World
Cites TNI

There are signs that the global financial crisis is affecting our biggest dollar earner, the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs).

Remittances have tapered recently, and the number of migrants leaving for new jobs has also somewhat gone down.

These are but omens of more serious things to come. We will not feel these effects until global recession has fully bloomed, perhaps starting to rapidly spiral in six to nine months. The current decrease in new job openings will be followed by existing OFWs being laid off and sent home.

November 2008
Eurasia Daily Monitor
Cites Boris Kagarlitsky

Following on the heels of two of Russia’s top economic officials, the country’s top two leaders (readers can decide for themselves which is No.

October 2008
The Guardian
Cites Susan George

A financial crisis in Hungary cannot be isolated from the rest of the EU. The eurozone's enlargement strategy has to change

Over the last 30 years, each and every major international financial crisis has visited Hungary. In 1982, right after Poland; in 1994, right after Mexico; and in 2008, right after Iceland. Always, and rapidly, the road has led to the International Monetary Fund.

This is a special relationship indeed, and also a turbulent one.

October 2008
La Tribune
Cites Susan George

C’est à une véritable campagne de peur, et, par moment, d’incitation à la haine, que s’est livré le camp républicain pour déstabiliser Barack Obama et, surtout, pour éloigner l’électorat de son adversaire démocrate qui commençait sérieusement à les inquiéter, tant les sondages lui donnaient jusqu’à 15 points d’avance sur son rival, John Mc Cain

Obama, terroriste, socialiste, et accessoirement arabe et musulman

Dans des spots télévisés et dans les discours du duo McCain-Sarah Palin, des charges personnelles et autres accusations graves sont avancées avec p

October 2008
Agora Vox
Cites Susan George

Le plan européen de sauvetage des banques reste d’une ambiguïté totale. On aide de manière considérable les établissements bancaires, mais on cherche en vain les contreparties.

La commission de Bruxelles a ainsi refusé, de toutes ses forces, par pure idéologie, les véritables solutions à mettre en œuvre.

October 2008
The Fiji Times online

In my paternal grandfather's vocabulary, there was no such thing as a poor Fijian, only a lazy one.

October 2008
Reason online
Cites Susan George

In the latest issue of The New Scientist, Yale University's Gus Speth says he seeks a non-socialist alternative to today's capitalism as a way to put a stop to economic growth. Speth is a contributor to the magazine's special issue detailing "The Folly of Growth." Economic growth is folly because "our economy is killing the planet." Speth outlines his vision of his "non-socialist alternative" in The Bridge at the Edge of the World: Capitalism, the Environment, and Crossing from Crisis to Sustainability (2008).

October 2008
Cites TNI

On 29 October, the European Commission co-hosts the one-day conference "Burma/Myanmar – prospects for the future” in Brussels. European Commissioner for External Relations and European Neighbourhood Policy, Benita Ferrero-Waldner has taken the initiative to invite NGOs, advocacy groups, international organisations and think tanks from Burma/Myanmar and from Europe to discuss the present situation in the country and its future outlook.

October 2008
Upside Down World
The aim of a US military base in Peru is not the war on drugs, argues Ricardo Soberon, but control over territory and the containment of the Bolivarian project in South America.

The government of Alan García has initiated Plan VRAE, a military offensive in the South Andean region of Ayacucho, specifically in the Apurímac Ene River Valley (VRAE) with the object of exterminating the surviving militias of the Communist Party of Peru - Shining Path (PCP-SL) and defeating drug trafficking.

October 2008
Russia Profile
Quotes Boris Kagarlitsky

The Left Front, a loose confederation of radical leftist groups which held a founding congress in Moscow last week, took its first major action as an entity on Saturday. The Day of People's Wrath, as the demarche was called, culminated in meetings against corruption, unemployment and unfair housing construction.

October 2008
Al Jazeera
Cites Boris Kagarlitski

Neave Barker in Moscow

Long gone are the days when all things American were greeted as new and exciting in Russia.

When the first MacDonald's opened in 1990 in Red Square, people queued in the cold for hours.

Now, modern Moscow is a western-style consumerist capital infatuated with big cars, expensive clothes and luxury holidays.

In fact, Moscow has more in common with pre-depression New York; a gung-hoe boom town where anything is possible for a price.

Colossal cranes swing ballet-like over building sites.

October 2008
The Star (Malaysia)
Covers AEPF

PRIOR to the meeting of Asian and European leaders in the Chinese capital for the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) on Oct 24 and 25, more than 500 people from key grassroots, activist networks, and non-governmental organisations from Asia and Europe gathered at a three-day forum themed “For Social and Ecological Justice” here.

Since 1996, the Asia-Europe People’s Forum (AEPF) has been held every two years, normally before the ASEM, and AEPF participants gather to discuss a range of issues, exchange views and share insights.

For the Seventh Asia-Europe People’s Forum, th

October 2008
Cites Walden Bello

Far-reaching strategic debate is underway about how to respond to the global financial crisis, and indeed how the North's problems can be tied into a broader critique of capitalism.

At minimum, the ongoing chaos offers new ideological space and material justifications for African finance ministries to re-impose exchange controls and re-regulate finance, and to find sources of hard currency not connected to the Bretton Woods Institutions or Western donors.

The 2008 world financial meltdown has its roots in the neoliberal export-model (dominant in Africa sinc

October 2008
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October 2008
Philippine Daily Inquirer
Covers AEPF

BEIJING — As I said last week, although the theme of the 7th Asia-Europe People’s Forum (AEPF) is “Social and Ecological Justice,” there was no escaping the current global financial crisis that began in the posh financial enclaves of the world and in the brains of its overpaid architects in expensive suits.

And so even with 33 workshops on different crucial topics, the AEPF Asian and European participants spent night hours outside of the workshops deciphering this financial meltdown.

We called it “Beijing Nights.” Anyway, there was no escaping for a night in town

October 2008

BEIJING—Over 500 participants of Asian and European Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) gathered here on Monday for a three-day forum to discuss issues covering social and ecological justice.
Addressing the opening ceremony of the seventh Asia and Europe People's Forum (AEPF), Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi believed the forum participants would follow the principle of equality and mutual respect, fully exchange views on subjects related to the theme of the meeting, seek common ground while putting aside differences, increase consensus, make constructive contributions and work together

October 2008
Cites Susan George

«Nous devons procéder à une révolution de nos modes de pensée et d´action, une révolution de nos modes de vie. Nous devons le faire maintenant. Demain, il sera trop tard.» Discours de Jacques Chirac, le 9 juin 2008.

A l´occasion de la Journée mondiale de l´alimentation aujourd´hui, les organisations spécialisées insistent sur l´extrême nécessité d´investir massivement dans l´agriculture vivrière. Jacques Diouf, le directeur général de la FAO, annonçait mi-septembre les nouveaux chiffres sur la faim dans le monde.

October 2008
OneWorld US
Covers 32nd Letelier-Moffitt Human Rights Award

WASHINGTON, Oct 17 (OneWorld) - In the midst of applause, tears, and multiple standing ovations, a group of Indian workers trafficked into the United States and a Peruvian human rights organization seeking justice for crimes against humanity were honored here Wednesday evening for their bold actions.

The 32nd annual Letelier-Moffitt Human Rights Awards saluted the work of the Indian Workers Congress and Peru's Asociacion Pro Derechos Humanos (APRODEH).

The honors are presented each October by

October 2008

A new documentary film, 'The End of Poverty?,' that examines the increase in global poverty as the byproduct of free market economics, has struck a nerve with anti-poverty activists and film festivals and is being screened this week at events in over twenty countries from Argentina to Pakistan to the United States as part of a worldwide protest.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) October 16, 2008 -- As the global economic crises deepens, activists worldwide seek to draw attention to the plight of the poor through actions this week to mark the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty and

October 2008