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The Macau Daily
Cites Susan George as TNI

More than 20,000 anti-globalisation activists are due in the Swedish town of Malmoe this week to take part in the European Social Forum, hoping to breathe new life into a movement many say is rapidly losing speed.

The anti-globalisation movement entered the political scene in 1999 with loud protests on the sidelines of the World Trade Organisation meeting in Seattle -- promoting democracy, economic justice and environmental protection -- but activists admit its influence has waned in recent years and the movement is now struggling to regain its former d

October 2008

Fond rouge et poing levé : ce n'est pas une affiche pour un meeting de la LCR, mais celle de l'université d'été des chefs d'entreprise dans les Bouches-du-Rhône. L'Union pour les entreprises (UPE 13 - Medef) attend 1 500 à 2 000 patrons demain à l'école de management Euromed Mar­seille, à Luminy.

Pour la huitième édition de son université, l'UPE lance officiellement le thème « Travailleuses, travailleurs, unissons-nous ». « On ne se donne pas de limite dans le débat, explique Stéphan Brousse, président de l'UPE 13, arborant comme tous ses vice-présidents un polo rouge.

October 2008
The Palestine Chronicle
Quotes Jochen Hipler

Seven years after 9/11, hostility towards the US remains at shocking levels in the Muslim world where the US has followed a double standard policy. Its relationship with the Muslim nations has been based on a kind of hegemony which had taken shape in the Cold War era and continued in the post-Cold War period.

During the Cold War era the US followed the Truman doctrine of containment to limit and prevent Soviet expansionism.

October 2008
Christian Science Monitor
Quotes Boris Kagarlitsky

Moscow - In the 1990s, few listened to Alexander Dugin.

But this shaggy-bearded ultranationalist has come a long way from those days as a lonely pamphleteer. Then, amid the ruins of the Soviet Union, he forecast that Russia's inevitable return to great power status would be via Georgia.

Once derided by Russia's pro-Western elites, Mr. Dugin now looks like a geopolitical prophet.

October 2008
Cites Boris Kagarlitsky

(RTTNews) - Kuwait's official news agency, KUNA has quoted a Russian official as saying that oil prices may fall to $40 per barrel by 2010.

Boris Kagarlitsky, director of the Institute of Globalization Studies and Social Movements, also predicted continued dwindling of oil prices due to government policies to reserve energy sources and products.

The recent surge in prices was created by speculations in the oil market and not because of the increase in demand, according to him.

He tried to substantiate his point by citing the disproportionate levels

October 2008
El Pais

In the last decade, the left has taken power by democratic means in several Latin American countries. But we should rather speak of ‘the lefts’ in the plural as one of the key features of this enormous transformation is the wide variety of progressive forces in government, ranging from more or less classic social democrats – Michelle Bachelet in Chile – to a sort of populism with authoritarian tendencies – Hugo Chávez’s regime in Venezuela – through political strategies of quite difficult classification – such as Lula’s government in Brazil.

October 2008

De kredietcrisis blijft ongelofelijke ontwikkelingen vertonen.

October 2008
International Herald Tribune
Quotes Phyllis Bennis

Here's John McCain's model for the conduct of U.S. foreign policy, enunciated in a television interview this week: "Teddy Roosevelt - speak softly and carry a big stick."

"I am a Teddy Roosevelt Republican," he said.

As the U.S. presidential election campaign draws into its final stretch, that remark says as much about McCain's world view as do his campaign speeches listing foreign policy credentials, the places he has visited and the many foreign leaders he has met.

October 2008
Quotes Boris Kagarlitsky

As Global Oil Consumption Decreases due to the Economic Crisis, with it Goes the Price

Oil prices surging in the past decade were good for producers like Russia, but bad for consumers. When the crisis struck and skyrocketing prices took an irreversible toll on the global economy, oil prices declined as sharply as they had risen, causing uneasy feelings in the exporting countries.

October 2008
Dissident Voice
Cites Myriam Vander Stichele

In the wake of a food crisis that gripped the media’s attention during the summer of 2008, a new set of questions is beginning to surface.

October 2008
Cites Susan George

Nombre de citoyens ont pu se rendre compte que la croissance n’est pas synonyme de bonheur, comme certains dirigeants de multinationales s’évertuent encore à le clamer [1]. D’un continent à l’autre, et dans des pays dont on vante les performances en matière de croissance, des populations en détresse sont confrontées aux dérèglements climatiques, conjugués à la flambée mondiale des coûts des denrées de base.

October 2008
Quotes Barry Gills

EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS - The European Commission has expressed impatience with Washington over the defeat of a $700 billion bailout for Wall Street, calling on the US to "take responsibility" for the crisis.

September 2008
Quotes David Sogge

"Election free and fair, sort of," was the headline from the UN's Integrated Regional Information Networks (IRIN) news service after Angola's long-awaited parliamentary election early this month. The news service notes that its stories do not represent the position of the United Nations, and there was no official United Nations observer team.

September 2008
Green Left Weekly

“Rich people got it good in this country”, said African-American comedian Wanda Sykes on the September 24 Tonight Show with Jay Leno. “We refuse to let them not be rich. Think about it. Broke people are about to bailout rich people. This is what is going on.”

“And they want no oversight. US$700 billion and no oversight! No oversight? Why should we? I want receipts dammit! What do you mean no oversight? Because, oh, you’re so good with the other money?

“This is the biggest piece of garbage ever. You know what? It’s welfare for the rich ...

“It’s going to cost every taxpayer US$7000.

September 2008
Agora Vox

Mercredi 17 septembre 2008, le 5e Forum social européen vient de démarrer. La cérémonie d’ouverture a rassemblé environ 3 000 personnes au Folkets Park (parc du Peuple).

September 2008

Statement Tells Congress, "Don't Write President Bush a $700B Blank
Check," Hundreds of Events to Be Held on Thursday Calling For Conditions


September 2008
Manila Times

The financial troubles in the Western hemisphere, highlighted most recently by the collapse of US investment bank Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc., might affect Asia ’s growth curve.

September 2008
Inter Press Service

Judging by the recent deadlock in the Security Council — over Kosovo, Iran, Myanmar (Burma), Zimbabwe, Sudan and most recently Georgia — one wonders whether the days of the Cold War are back in vogue.

September 2008

(Update) MANILA, Philippines - The US meltdown is likely to result in an Asian recession, cutting growth for countries like the Philippines, a non-government group said.

“Since China’s main foreign market is the United States," China may be prompted to buy less imported goods from Japan, Korea, and southeast Asia owing to a demand cut in the world’s largest economy, said Walden Bello, Freedom from Debt Coalition (FDC) President, during a Quezon City briefing.

Lower appetite for Asia’s exports—including the Philippines’ electronics products—are expected to reduce growth expectations of th

September 2008
Le Monde

La crise [financière] nous offre une opportunité, les gens sont plus réceptifs à ces idées", a déclaré samedi 20 septembre l'essayiste américaine Susan George au cours d'une conférence de presse dans le cadre du Forum social européen (FSE) à Malmö dans le sud de la Suède.

September 2008