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17 November 2005



  • Drugnews: Asia
    Press clippings on drug related news from Asia.
    Language: English
    Site dedicated to the geopolitics of illcit drugs in Asia and especially to the opium economy in both the Golden Triangle and the Golden Crescent.
    Un site d'information et de publication relatif aux problématiques de la géopolitique des drogues illicites en Asie. Il sert la diffusion de l'information géographique en proposant des ressources documentaires. Les thématiques principales abordées sur Geopium sont celles relatives à la production, au trafic et à la consommation d'opiacés (opium, morphine, héroïne) dans les espaces dits du "Triangle d'Or" (Birmanie, Laos, Thaïlande) et du "Croissant d'Or" (Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan).
    Language: French
  • UNDCP Pakistan Regional Office
    The UNDCP Regional Office based in Islamabad, Pakistan is responsible for Afghanistan and Pakistan. UNDCP have been providing assistance to the countries in the region for over 20 years. During this period, war, violence, social and political unrest and economic troubles have exacerbated the drug abuse and production problems in the region
  • US Drug War In Asia
    Common Sense for Drug Policy updates on the blending of the War against Terrorism and the War on Drugs


US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Intelligence Reports