Drugs and Democracy - Latin America and the Caribbean

December 2014 Juan Carlos Garzón Vergara
Despite efforts by governments in Latin America, illicit drugs continue to provide one of the largest incomes for criminal organizations, enabling them to penetrate and corrupt political and social institutions.
July 2012 Amira Armenta
There is an undeniable regional trend of moving away from the ‘war on drugs’ in Latin America. This briefing ex­plains the background, summa­rises the state of on­going drug law reforms, and makes recommendations to move the debate forward.
April 2012 IPS & Danilo Valladares
Nogal wat landen in Latijns-Amerika willen af van de oorlog tegen drugs. De oorlog, die vooral in Mexico en Centraal-Amerika een zware tol eist, heeft gefaald, zeggen ze. Ze zullen dit weekend op de Top van de Amerika's pleiten voor alternatieven.
October 2006 Tom Blickman
In Brazil, the first large crack consumption market appeared at the end of the 1980s in São Paulo and expanded during the 1990s reaching its peak halfway the decade. Crack use spread to other regions in Brazil during the 1990s, in particular to youngsters from low-income population in urban areas. A 2002 survey among young street dwellers in all...
December 2005 Drugs and Democracy
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