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It's time to revive public ownership and the common good

4 July 2014
Despite its dire record, privatisation is rarely questioned. We must push for our shared interests to take precedence

Renowned political activist Susan George to deliver the 2013 Ted Wheelwright Lecture

28 August 2013
One of the world's leading political thinkers and human rights activists, Susan George, will speak out against the growing influence of "illegitimate corporate power" in a keynote address at the University of Sydney this Thursday 29 August.

G20 Summit and Counter Summit in Saint-Petersburg

27 August 2013
On the 3-4th of September in St. Petersburg a counter-summit, a large-scale international event that aims to be an alternative to the September G20 Summit and to develop new principles of economic and social policy that are not based on the "Washington Consensus" will be held.

The Road to the Alter Summit

5 June 2013
Susan George speaking in short documentary film about the Alter Summit

Mirjam van Reisen benoemd tot nieuw bestuurslid Adviesraad Internationale Vraagstukken (AIV)

3 May 2013
Net voor haar abdicatie heeft Koningin Beatrix Prof. Dr. Mirjam van Reisen beëdigd als bestuurslid Adviesraad Internationale Vraagstukken (AIV) en daarbinnen voorzitter Commissie Ontwikkelingssamenwerking; het instituut dat de regering en de Staten-Generaal adviseert over het buitenlandse beleid.

South Africa: The Great South African Cell Phone Rip-Off

10 December 2012
Can South Africa learn from Venezuela when looking at state telecommunications provider like CANTV?

Our Democracy instead of Their Austerity

13 November 2012
We call for a European permanent mobilization to support the fights against the crisis and build a future for everyone in Europe and in the world.

Grote zorgen over financiering bedrijven met geld Ontwikkelingssamenwerking

1 November 2012
De Fair, Green & Global Alliance maakt zich grote zorgen over de plannen in het nieuwe regeerakkoord om een nog groter deel van het budget voor ontwikkelingssamenwerking via de private sector te besteden. Uit onderzoek van SOMO, ActionAid en Both ENDS blijkt dat het niet gegarandeerd is dat de steun aan de private sector leidt tot enige verbetering van de leefomstandigheden van de inwoners van de landen waarin ze werken.

Final Declaration 9th Asia- Europe People’s Forum

23 October 2012
Over 1,000 women and men, representing people’s organisations and citizens from Asia and Europe joined together at the 9th Asia Europe People’s Forum under the title “People’s Solidarity against Poverty and for Sustainable Development: Challenging Unjust and Unequal Development, Building States of Citizens forCitizens”

Civil society wants social protection for Southeast Asians

18 October 2012
Civil society participants to the AEPF are demanding that their governments provide a “rights-based, universal, state-underwritten, legislated, and comprehensive” social protection system.