Peace & Security - South Asia

February 2008 Praful Bidwai
Instigators of hate speech in Mumbai have enjoyed impunity for too long, and the release of Raj Thackeray, the leader of xenophobic Navnirman Sena party, after only three hours, will not spread the message of tolerance. AFTER much dilly-dallying, the Mumbai police finally arrested Navnirman Sena (MNS) chief, Mr Raj Thackeray last week for inciting...
February 2008 John Gittings
Western leaders lecture Pakistan's president on democracy, while ignoring a much greater threat: the country's nuclear arsenal Three days after President Musharraf returned to the continuing political crisis in Pakistan, he found time to travel to an undisclosed location (on Friday) to witness the test of a nuclear-capable missile.
February 2008 TNI Tariq Alí
The New York Times' recently awoken sense of justice was dormant when Musharraf sacked the independent-minded judges, whose sin was ordering the release of the 'terrorists' imprisoned without proof or trial. "And when a leading Pakistani journalist at a London news conference asked a reasonable question about the security services, Mr. Musharraf...
January 2008 TNI Tariq Ali
With Pervez Musharraf trying to cling to power whatever the cost, a farcical succession within the Pakistan People's Party, and continued US interference, Pakistan's dark night is far from over. A multidimensional charade is taking place in Pakistan, and it is not an edifying sight.
January 2008 TNI Tariq Ali
The assassination of Benazir Bhutto heaps despair upon Pakistan. Now her party must be democratically rebuilt Even those of us sharply critical of Benazir Bhutto's behaviour and policies - both while she was in office and more recently - are stunned and angered by her death. Indignation and fear stalk the country once again. An odd coexistence of...