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Speculative investors claim at least 1,7 billion Euros from crisis-hit countries

7 March 2014
Speculative investors are claiming more than 1,7 billion Euros in compensation from Greece, Spain and Cyprus in private international tribunals – for measures implemented to deal with economic crises, a new report released today by the Transnational Institute (TNI) and Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO) reveals.

Austerity means socialising Losses and privatising Profits

30 December 2013
Political scientist and veteran global justice activist Susan George talks about her new book, How to Win the Class War, a satire on the wealthiest 1%.

Susan George on the secret capitalist cabal behind European austerity

30 December 2013
How to Win the Class War satirist turns the spotlight on the shadowy global 'plot' to claw back working-class gains, in this interview with The Guardian's Claire Provost.

Joint Statement: Binding International Instrument

10 December 2013
Call for an international legally binding instrument on human rights, transnational corporations and other business enterprises

Susan George in BBC World Business Report

5 December 2013
Political scientist and author on Third World poverty issues, Susan George gives us her thoughts on the prospects for a free trade deal at the WTO in Bali.

Akbayan Rep calls on Government to Reject Bad Deal in Bali

4 December 2013
In a conversation with Secretary today with Department of Trade and Industry Gregory Domingo today, Akbayan Representative Walden Bello warned the government not to agree to what he saw as inequitable agriculture and trade deals brewing at the on-going World Trade Organization (WTO) Ministerial in Bali, Indonesia.

EU-US trade deal will lead to a race to the bottom where only big business wins, warns new report

4 October 2013
A report by the Seattle to Brussels Network demystifies the alleged economic benefits of the deal and exposes how it could harm people, the environment and the economy on both sides of the Atlantic.

EU-US trade deal to include 'corporate bill of rights'

26 September 2013
Controversial rights for multinational corporations to sue states, likely to be included in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), are causing a political headache for EU and US negotiators, but may also set a precedent for future trade agreements, notably with China.

Pranger für Großkonzerne

6 September 2013
Die Macht der globalen Konzerne in transparente Bahnen zu leiten, ihre Strategien zu regulieren und Straftaten zu ahnden, darum ging es gestern im Europaparlament in Brüssel.

Trade deal branded 'rule for the corporation by the corporation'

5 September 2013
Susan George chairs the Transnational Institute in Amsterdam. She says the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement could give powerful companies the right to challenge domestic laws which restrict their future profits.