Albert Janssen

Network System Administrator

Albert Janssen is the dedicated server sysadmin for TNI since 2007. He's a passionate open source advocate since 1995, and helped TNI to migrate from Microsoft Windows to Linux on the desktops. When he's not behind a computer screen for work he likes to talk to his cat, play chess, work in the garden or meet with friends.

Amira Armenta

Programme Assistant

Amira Armenta (Colombia/Netherlands) has a degree in Latin American history from the Université de Jussieu (Paris).

Brid Brennan

Project Coordinator

Brid has put Transnational Institute at the heart of dynamic international networks from every continent campaigning against trade liberalisation. She is co-founder of the European Solidarity Centre for the Philippines and most recently, RESPECT, a Europe-wide anti-racist network for migrant domestic workers. 

Cecilia Olivet

Project Coordinator

Cecilia Olivet is a political scientist who specialises in the European Union's trade and investment agenda, the international investment regime and regional integration issues.  Cecilia is Uruguayan, has a BA degree in International Relations from Universidad de la República in Uruguay and an MA in International Politics and East Asia from Warwick University, UK. In 2005, she joined TNI where she contributes to the Economic Justice, Corporate Power and Alternatives team with research, analysis, campaigning and network facilitation.

Ernestien Jensema

Programme Coordinator

Ernestien Jensema (1971) is a social anthropologist who has been working as a researcher and project coordinator with the Drugs & Democracy Programme of TNI since 2008. She focuses on issues related to the UN drug control system and the Drugs and Democracy Programme’s Asia project.

Fiona Dove

Executive Director

Fiona Dove has been Executive Director of TNI since 1995. She holds degrees in Development Studies and Industrial Sociology, and a post-graduate Diploma in Monitoring and Evaluation Methods.

Hilde van der Pas

Programme Assistant

Hilde van der Pas joined the 'Economic Justice, Corporate Power and Alternatives' programme in July 2011. She has a BA degree in journalism and a MA in International Relations from the University of Amsterdam.

Kees Kimman

Finance Officer

After working as a Teacher of Mathematics at Wageningen University for more than 11 years and at the same time co-running a non-profit second-hand shop, Kees started in 2005 to work for TNI combining the jobs of Finance Manager and Bureau Manager. Since 2011 he focused on Finances.
He also studies Mandarin, but that is just a hobby.

Martin Jelsma

Programme Director

Martin Jelsma is a political scientist who has specialised in Latin America and international drugs policy.  In 2005, he received the Alfred R. Lindesmith Award for Achievement in the Field of Scholarship, which stated that Jelsma "is increasingly recognized as one of, if not the, outstanding strategists in terms of how international institutions deal with drugs and drug policy."

Michelle van Lanschot

Bureau Manager

Michelle van Lanschot joined TNI in 2015.
After her studies in Art History and Cultural Heritage, she trained as an organiser and project employee at various cultural institutions. When she is not at TNI, she works as a freelancer on copyright issues in the cultural scene, volunteers for Wikipedia, fights Darth Vader in LEGO Star Wars and enjoys long walks with her lease dog.


Pien Metaal

Project Coordinator

Pien Metaal is a researcher with TNI. She holds a Master of Arts Degree in Political Science and International Relations from University of Amsterdam. She has been a member of the Transnational Institute's Drugs and Democracy team since 2002, though her participation with the Programme dates further back.

Pietje Vervest

Programme Coordinator

Pietje Vervest has specialised in the European Union's trade and investment agenda, the international investment regime. Recently she moved to working more on agrarian justice issues. She is also one of the co-founders of the Burma Center Netherlands, where she is still active. She was connected to XminusY for over 20 years and sits on the board of Ander Europa. Pietje is Dutch and studied Economic Anthropoloy at the University of Nijmegen where she developed an Asianfocus.

Satoko Kishimoto

Project Coordinator

Satoko Kishimoto was an environmental activist and active in the youth environmental movement in Japan in the 1990s. She began working with TNI in 2003, at the time of 3rd World Water Forum held in Kyoto, Japan. TNI successfully organized a seminar on Alternatives to Water Privatisation, which was the starting point of the Water Justice Project. In 2005, the Reclaiming Public Water (RPW) Network was created with the contributors to the book 'Reclaiming Public Water'. TNI serves as the coordinating hub of the RPW network and Satoko is the coordinator of the network.

Susan Medeiros

Office Assistant

Susan came to the Transnational Institute in 2006 as a volunteer after her job at a women's organisation came to an end. She worked as a European Project participant at this organisation that was primarily concerned with the role of women in our society. She eventually went to work for Clean Clothes Campaign where she worked for 3 years. In 2011 she returned to Transnational Institute in the function of secretariat/administrator/receptionist.

Sylvia Kay

Project Coordinator

Sylvia Kay is a political scientist with an MSc. in Global Politics from the London School of Economics and Social Science (LSE). She joined TNI in 2011 as a researcher working on issues around land tenure, natural resource governance, and agricultural investment. She has written various studies and policy briefs for TNI on land and water grabbing, the role of public policy in rural development, and different models of agricultural investment.

Tessa Kersten

Web Gardener

A member of the regular staff since 2009.
If you have questions about the newsletter or the website you can contact her on webmaster [at]

Tom Blickman

Project Coordinator

Tom Blickman (1957) is an independant researcher and journalist, based in Amsterdam. Before coming to TNI he was active in the squatters and solidarity movements in Amsterdam. He worked for Bureau Jansen & Janssen, a research institute on intelligence and police matters. Now he specialises in International Drug Control Policy and Organised Crime as a researcher at TNI's Drugs & Democracy Programme.

Willem-Paul Herber

Finance Manager

Willem-Paul Herber obtained a degree in economics (Open University) and a postmaster degree in accountancy (University of Amsterdam).
He has a broad experience in finance, accounting and auditing especially in non profit organizations.

He has joined  TNI early 2015.

Research Consultant

Beatriz Martínez

Translator and editor

Diana Aguiar

Project Assistant

Diana Aguiar is a researcher in the Corporate Power Project of TNI’s Economic Justice Program, working on the Global Campaign to Dismantle Corporate Power and Stop Impunity since 2012. Diana is Brazilian, based in Rio de Janeiro. She has a MA in International Relations at PUC-Rio and is currently a PhD candidate at IPPUR/UFRJ (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro), researching the role of transnational capital in facilitating accumulation by dispossession processes related to mega dams projects in the Amazon basin.

Jennifer Franco

Research Consultant

Jennifer Franco is a researcher working on land and rural politics issues.  After receiving a PhD in politics in 1997 in the US, she began working with the Philippine solidarity group in the Netherlands, and with local peasant organizations, rural community organizing and human rights groups, and research outfits in the Philippines in two regions faced with extreme landlord resistance to redistributive agrarian reform.

Kevin Woods


Kevin Woods has worked on resource politics in mainland Southeast Asia’s uplands since 1999, including northern Thailand, Laos, and Burma. Since 2002 Kevin has focused his research in and on Burma, with particular focus on resource extraction and land rights in northern Burma’s ceasefire zones. Kevin received a master’s degree at Yale University on political ecology with a thesis on China-Burma cross border timber trade and ceasefire development. Since 2008 Kevin has been a doctoral student at UC-Berkeley in political ecology and geography of war.

Lyda Fernanda Forero

Project Assistant

Lyda Fernanda Forero is an economist who carries out analysis and campaigning on trade and investment policies, the architecture of impunity created for transnational corporations, and new trends in financialisation and commodification of nature and life. Lyda is Colombian, she has a BA degree in Economics and has  master studies in History at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, where she was teacher and researcher. She is a researcher for TNI's Economic Justice, Corporate Power and Alternatives program.

Nick Buxton

Communications Consultant

Nick Buxton is a communications consultant, working on media, publications and online communications for TNI. He has been based in California since September 2008 and prior to that lived in Bolivia for four years, working as writer/web editor at Fundación Solón, a Bolivian organisation working on issues of trade, water, culture and historical memory.

Sol Trumbo Vila

Project Assistant

Sol Trumbo is an economist and political activist working for TNI since November 2012. He is focussing on the construction of a pan-European social movement to resist and provide alternatives to the current neoliberal EU policies. Sol has a BSc degree in Economic science from the Universidad de Valencia in Spain and a MSc in International Relations from Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain.

Timothé Feodoroff

Project Assistant

Timothé Feodoroff brought his enthusiasm to the agrarian justice programme shortly after graduating from a MA in Agricultural and Rural Development Studies from the Institute of Social Studies (The Hague). He holds a BA in International Studies from the University of Montreal (Canada). Besides strong taste for social and environmental justice he also has copious appetite food matters.

Tom Kramer

Project Consultant

Tom Kramer (1968) is a political scientist and with over 15-years of working experience on Burma and its border regions, which he has visited regularly since 1993.  


Eva Spear

Web Gardener Assistant

Jorge San Vicente

Assistant Web Gardener

Ruud Slagboom

Assistant Web Gardener

Ruud volunteers as the assistant of the Web Gardener since september 2014.

He has 25 years experience in the Graphic Industry. His last job was as Creative & Technical DTP'er for an International company specialised in Direct Mail. At the moment he works for several musea as a volunteer. He help these musea with their online & offline materials.
For more info about him you can visit linkedin or his website