For a solidarity `Marshall Plan' with the Cuban Revolution!

January 2011

Creating a special fund of solidarity with the Cuban Revolution would be an act of strict justice.

A Tale Of Two Extraditions

July 2010

The US government demanded that Jamaican Prime Minister Bruce Golding extradite a drug dealer. When Venezuela made similar demands on Washington, for arguably the Hemisphere’s most notorious terrorist, the Justice Department brushed off the request.

Dissidents or traitors?

March 2010

When the “free press” condemns the imprisonment of dissidents in Cuba, they fail to mention that similar attempts to overthrow countries with foreign help would also face imprisonment in most countries worldwide.


March 2010

The CIA has backed some 600 documented attempts against Castro, while there have been no Havana-backed plots against U.S. Presidents. Should Cuba put Washington on its terrorist list? Long Live Reciprocity!

The WTO Doha round and EPAs in an era of crisis

November 2009

The major causes of the economic and social crises are now being even more blatantly promoted by the EU - both within the multilateral WTO negotiations and bilateral and bi-regional FTA/EPA negotiations - as the fundamental solutions.

The embargo: Nothing succeeds like failure

October 2009

Will Obama have the courage to break with the incongruous Cuba policy he inherited from previous administrations?

A very retired Fidel has become reflective

October 2009

A late September morning with Fidel Castro (Part 2)

From guerrilla warrior to statesman -- now comfortably retired

October 2009

A late September morning with Fidel Castro (Part 1)

Covert memories from Miami

September 2009

In Miami, several retired U.S. officials remember the early 1960s, when the CIA recruited thousands of Cuban exiles to try and destroy the Cuban revolution.

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