At the Margin of Law, by Alejandro Teitelbaum

Review by Ana MacNaught
August 2007
Transnational corporations are acting with impunity in Latin America, as Alejandro Teitelbaum's new book "At the Margin of Law" clearly shows.

United Nations and Transnational Corporations: a deadly association

Alejandro Teitelbaum
April 2007
The United Nations is failing in its duty to control the abuses of transnational economic power.

Declaration of the Jury Permanent Peoples' Tribunal

May 2006

The structural adjustment policies of the Bretton Woods Institutions [the World Bank and the IMF] have for decades caused untold harm to people and nature. Their implicit or explicit cooperation with the TNCs cannot be denied. For all these reasons, we demand that European governments take responsibility for their corporations and cease their support for their predatory activities in Latin America.

Permanent Peoples' Tribunal on TNCs, 2006

May 2006
Peoples' Permanent Tribunal uncovered overwhelming evidence of European TNCs' abuses of human, social, cultural and workers' rights in Latin America, aided and abetted by European governments and institutions.
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