Rights to Water and Land, a Common Struggle

April 2015

Declaration of social movements, grassroots organizations and civil society organizations fighting and protesting against natural resource grabbing, especially water and land grabbing of our Commons, and against the systematic violations of the associated human rights.

Networking against Fracking

April 2013

Global networking is key to winning battle against fracking, say activists at WSF.

Declaration of the Social Movements Assembly

April 2013

As the Social Movements Assembly of the World Social Forum of Tunisia, 2013, we are gathered here to affirm the fundamental contribution of peoples of Maghreb-Mashrek (from North Africa to the Middle East), in the construction of human civilization.

Voices from the World Social Forum

February 2011

Although initiated as a counter-forum to Davos, the World Social Forum has evolved beyond it now, focusing on the root causes of problems facing humanity and developing real alternatives as solutions.

«Nous n'avons pas les millions de Klaus Schwab»

January 2008
Entretien avec Susan George.

Susan George connaît bien la Suisse. Elle a participé à la conférence de l'Autre Davos à Zurich en 1999, lorsque l'idée du Forum social mondial (FSM) a germé. Elle est membre fondatrice d'Attac-France et a été vice-présidente de l'association de 1999 à 2006. Entretien.

Le Courrier: Cette année, il n'y a pas de Forum social mondial (FSM) pour contrer Davos.

Susan George: Lorsque nous avons eu l'idée du FSM, nous voulions effectivement faire de l'ombre à Davos.

Report on the Methodology of the WSF and its Possible Relevance for the 2006 ESF

February 2005

In 2004, the International Committee of the WSF, inspired particularly by the organisation of the Mumbai WSF , adopted a new methodology for organising the programme for the fifth WSF.

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