Global Land Grab

Land concentration, land grabbing and people’s struggles in Europe

European Coordination Via Campesina (ECVC) & Hands-Off The Land (HOTL) Alliance
June 2013

Land issues and 'land grabs' are mostly associated with the global South, however 13 country studies in this updated landmark report reveal an accelerating grab and concentration of land across Europe.

Video: The causes of the global food crisis

Philip McMichael
August 2012

The global food crisis seems the result of moving to increasingly unsustainable, simplified and industrialised agriculture, neoliberal foodspeculation and landgrabbing.

Green Grabbing: a new appropriation of nature?

July 2012

Across the world, ‘green grabbing’ – the appropriation of land and resources for environmental ends – is an emerging process of deep and growing significance. In recent years there has been a veritable explosion of scholarship examining the neoliberalization of environments, nature and conservation, drawing partly on older traditions of ecological/green Marxism and critical political ecology

17 April: International Day of Peasant's Struggle

La Via Campesina
April 2012
Small scale farmers and their allies are celebrating the International Day of Peasant's Struggle on April 17 2012, organising more than 250 actions all over the globe.


Audio: Farmers speak out to defend land sovereignty

Radio Mundo Real
October 2011

Social movement representatives are in Rome this week for the final UN negotiations to adopt voluntary guidelines that would regulate the use and possession of land and other natural resources.

The perilous dependence on cheap food imports for food security

Tony Weis
October 2011

The free market approach to food security has depended too heavily on an unsustainable system of cheap food imports and high fossil-fuel consumption. It's time to counter this by supporting environmentally efficient small farms, and increasing investment in agro-ecological research.

Interpreting the Land Grab

Philip McMichael
October 2011

The so-called “global land grab” continues the historic process of land enclosures described by Sir Thomas More in Utopia as “sheep eating men,” when English peasants were evicted from the commons to make room for private estates.

New Biofuel Project in Isabela

Danny Carranza and Joann Fernandez (Rightsnet)
October 2011

A Philippines biofuel project would appear to fit the World Bank's definition of a "win-win" scenario with its promise of jobs and conversion of 'idle land'. However a closer look unveils corporate manipulation, political corruption and exploitation of subsistence farmers that typically accompanies so-called "responsible investment"

Stand up for small-scale food producers

September 2011

Put pressure on U.S. and Canadian delegates to the UN's Committee on World Food Security (CFS) to stop land grabbing.

The global resource grab

Maryann Manahan, Yao Graham
June 2011

Worsening climate change and the emergence of new economic powers is leading to a renewed scramble for resources, with negative consequences for many impoverished communities.

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